2 November 2020

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Retainers After Invisible Braces – Why You Need To Wear Them

You’ve done it.


You’ve finally made it through the 6-9 months of wearing your Zenyum invisible braces for 20-22 hours a day and you can’t stop staring at your new, straight set of teeth in the mirror.


  • No more embarrassing moments at dinner when you need to take off your aligners.
  • Oh and you can now gorge on all your snacks any time of day.


However, your teeth are still shifting all the time because the bone around your teeth is still soft from the invisible braces treatments.


If you’re not careful, your teeth can shift out of the perfect smile you’ve worked so hard on.


This is why you need to wear a set of retainers even after you’ve finished your treatment with Zenyum invisible braces.

Why do you need retainers?

Even people who have worn metal braces for years need to wear retainers in order to maintain the position of their teeth.


Ask any of your friends who haven’t worn their retainers in a long time. They’ll tell you that it hurts when they try to wear their retainers again because teeth do move over time.


When you wear aligners, they apply pressure on your teeth to force them to move to a new position.


For this to happen, bone on one side needs to soften. When your teeth have moved to their new positions, new bone mass is deposited to help your teeth maintain their new positions.


This can be a long process of about 12 months for your teeth to stabilise.


That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that you wear retainers in the year after your invisible braces.


That doesn’t mean you should stop wearing retainers after 12 months.


Your teeth continue to move naturally as you get older so you have to wear retainers to keep them in the same position.

How long do you have to wear retainers for?



No, we’re not kidding.


While you might wear them less compared to invisible braces, you will most likely have to wear them for the rest of your days.


Thankfully, retainers are easier to manage compared to aligners.


They are purely meant to keep your straightened teeth in place and you do not have to change them regularly unless they break.


This makes them more economical compared to your invisible braces.


The dentist takes a mould of your teeth to make the retainers.


You can wear them at night during sleep and take them off in the morning when you brush your teeth.


The last thing you want is for your teeth to go back into their old positions and watch your investment go down the drain.

Take good care of your retainers and they'll last you a long time

If you’re like some people, you might be brushing your retainers too hard to keep them clean.


You don’t want to experience that shock and horror when you crack your RM 600 retainers by scrubbing at them too hard.


Use cleaning tablets or soak your retainers in white vinegar to keep them clean.


Investing In A Radiant Smile Is Worth It

If you’ve ever felt insecure about your teeth, you can finally smile wide and flash your brilliant smile to the world.

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Retainers After Invisible Braces – Why You Need To Wear Them