16 October 2020

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Retainers After Invisible Braces – Why You Need To Wear Them | Zenyum SG

You’ve already done all the hard work of straightening your teeth with invisible braces. Retainers help you maintain your results for the rest of your life. Find out why.

You’ve done it. You’ve finally made it through the 6-9 months of wearing your invisible braces for 20-22 hours a day and you can’t stop staring at your new, straight set of teeth in the mirror.

We hate to break it to you but the work does not end here, it does get easier though. Your teeth are in constant movement because the bone around your teeth are still soft from the invisible braces treatment. 

To counter that, you need to retain your perfect smile with… retainers. 

Why do I need retainers?

Regardless of the type of teeth straightening treatment, you need to wear retainers to maintain the position of your teeth.

The good news is, instead of 22-24 hours a day, you only need to wear them when you go to sleep at night for about 8 hours.  

Retainers need to be worn until your teeth positions stabilise. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that you wear retainers in the year after invisible braces.

How long do you have to wear retainers for?

Forever. No, we’re not kidding. While you might wear them less compared to invisible braces, you will most likely have to wear them for the rest of your days.

The last thing you want is for your teeth to go back into their old positions and watch your investment go down the drain, right? 

Thankfully, retainers are easier to manage, you only have to wear them at night. 

We recommend wearing them after you’ve brushed your teeth at night. You can remove them in the morning when you brush your teeth. 

Take good care of your retainers and they'll last you a long time

Refrain from biting down on your retainers as you may cause them to crack and wear easier. Use chewies to secure them into place. If you’re a habitual teeth grinder, speak to your dentist about it. 

Please do not use boiling water or any extreme temperatures to clean your retainers. Clean your retainers with mild soap such as castile soap, or purchase proper cleaning tablets from your local drugstore.  

Investing In A Radiant Smile Is Worth It

If you’ve ever felt insecure about your teeth, you can finally smile wide and flash your brilliant smile to the world.

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Retainers After Invisible Braces – Why You Need To Wear Them | Zenyum SG