30 December 2020

3 mins read

Dressing Smarter to Start Your Day

Working from home? Here’s how to dress for WFH days to achieve maximum work productivity and beat the fatigue!

Adapting to the new work from home arrangements has dramatically changed the way we organise our daily routines. While we may wish to remain in our loungewear all day, this may not be ideal for our mental health and productivity.


Here are some reasons why your work ensemble should make a comeback, even if you are working from home.

Dressing for the job you have

Most career advisers recommend adhering to a work routine to boost our productivity. In that vein, donning our work attire switches us into ‘work’ mode as we mentally associate our outfit with getting things done at the office.

Maintaining work-life balance

Working from home has blurred the lines between our personal and professional life.

While the bedroom becomes our second office, work and leisure mixing together might not be ideal for professional and personal reasons. 


Being in work attire during office hours while at home helps to define which parts of the day are meant for work or play. After all, what can be more rewarding than changing out of your work clothes and into your pajamas after a hard day’s work?

Looking and feeling good

Dressing to impress, even if it’s limited to your home audience, can be profoundly positive on our mental wellbeing. Scientists have discovered that our self-image is greatly linked to our physical appearance. Dolling ourselves up at home thus inspires greater confidence and better performance.

So go ahead – start your day with your sharpest outfit!

If you want to feel like a 10 when you dress to the 9s after you wake up, here are some easy tips to help you dress smarter from the comfort of your home.

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Simplicity is bliss

Understandably, working in your bedroom wearing a full suit and tie can feel awkward and over the top. Dress the smarter way by slipping into something that’s both socially appropriate and comfortable. A good example of a comfy-casual outfit would be what you’d wear for those catch-up sessions with your friends at the mall.

Choose your outfit the night before

For those of you with a bustling morning schedule, here’s a good, and smart habit that’s super easy to incorporate into your routine. Simply use the night before to assemble your outfit for the next day. This helps save you from wardrobe ‘indecisionitis’ after your morning shower, so that you start off the day on a calmer, less rushed note.

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Dressing Smarter to Start Your Day