30 December 2020

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5 Unexpected But Totally Normal Symptoms When You Wear Clear Aligners

Should you be concerned if your aligners feel loose? Here are 5 unexpected but totally normal things that happen while wearing clear aligners.

While clear aligners provide a range of benefits over conventional metal braces, it does not exempt one from the inevitable sacrifices that come with giving ourselves our best smile. Here are 5 unexpected but totally normal things that happen while wearing clear aligners.

1. You have a lisp

You may experience a lisp for the first two to three days when you wear clear aligners for the first time or when you change out your set of aligners. Rest assured this is temporary. Your mouth just needs time to adjust as your tongue is no longer hitting the back of your teeth when you talk but the aligner.


Once you have adjusted to the new feel in your mouth, you’ll be able to enunciate as per normal.

2. Your aligners feel loose

If your aligners feel loose or like they don’t fit your teeth as snugly as they once did when you first changed them, it’s a good thing!

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It signals that your teeth are shifting into the right positions and it’s only a matter of time till you change to the next set of aligners. However, if you think that the looseness is inappropriate where it’s constantly falling out of place or giving you discomfort, simply ping the customer care team via the Zenyum app for immediate support.

3. Your teeth feel loose

Have you ever dreamt about your teeth crumbling or loosening? It might freak you out to find that your teeth feel loose when you wear your aligners, especially when you bite down on crunchy or hard foods. Similar to how your aligners will fit less tightly as your treatment progresses, this is a normal and a positive sign that your treatment is working optimally. 


As long as you remember to wear your aligners for the full 22 hours everyday, you’re on track to a straighter smile!

4. Your mouth feels sore

Your teeth do require a wee little bit of pressure to realign. If your mouth feels sore, it shows that the aligners are doing its job. While the slight discomfort may not be ideal, it is part and parcel of your aligner treatment. 

If the pain is disrupting your concentration, you can take painkillers. That being said, if you’re experiencing abrasions on your gums or unbearable pain, it could mean your aligners are not fitted properly and you would have to consult your dentist to make the necessary adjustments. 

Side-point: this is exactly why Zenyum insists on proper screening with licensed dental professionals before starting invisible braces treatment – to ensure the aligners fit properly! 

If the aligners fit snugly though, remember the pain is only temporary. It will get better with time – and the results are forever!

5. Your mouth goes dry

One may experience dry mouth for various reasons, though it is uncommon. When you wear clear aligners, your saliva will not go over your teeth like it once did. The presence of a foreign object in your mouth may trigger a decrease in saliva production. 

To counter this, drink plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks. They do not quench your thirst and will only aggravate the dry mouth syndrome. 

Remember that these symptoms are temporary, and there are ways to counter them. Don’t let temporary discomfort hinder you from smile success!

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5 Unexpected But Totally Normal Symptoms When You Wear Clear Aligners