24 September 2021

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Refinement Processes

In case that the treatment is all completed but the result turns out doesn’t well according to the treatment plan.

If the patient wears a complete set of aligners and the result doesn’t turn out as it was planned. Patients can do Refinement which must be approved by the dentist. The procedure is like a new orthodontic treatment. In this part, the patient will have to pay for a new dental impression with the clinic by themselves and Zenyum will cover the cost of the new aligners, no charge for this.


Conversely, If the patient needs to do refinement even if the result turns out well based on the treatment plan that was approved by the patient at the beginning, it needs to be paid in full.

Regulations while waiting for zenyum aligners for Refinement / Add oc

Refinement is to add a set of aligners in case of needing to correct and adjust the angle of the teeth. Which patients must have a new dental impression or re-scan. When the impression is done, Zenyum will take it to design the treatment plan then the dentist will recheck and approve it. While waiting, the patient must wear the last set of aligners to support the teeth.


Add oc / Zen stage The dentist will evaluate and order an additional set of aligners to close the gaps between the teeth. However, the patient must wear the last set of aligners until a new Zen stage is obtained.


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Refinement Processes