24 September 2021

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FAQ About Zenyum

【Zenyum Invisible Braces 🦷】Welcome to your smile journey!

My braces cracked what am I suppose to do?

  • Please send in a photo of the braces, small cracks are fine it will not affect the treatment
  • Aligners are changed every 5 days so if crack is very severe, can move onto the next set (top and bottom together)
  • minimum aligner wear is 2 days per set (20 hours)
  • Check with patients, how they remove their braces, cracks usually happens when they bite down to hard or removing the braces too rough
  • Send them email with video links of how to remove the braces gently

My braces broke into two?

  • Make sure patients are ok/ not hurt
  • What happen? The way they took it out? Did they use their casing?
  • Move on to the next braces, adjust dates accordingly

My braces are rubbing against my gums/tongue causing pain!

  • Trim the edges that is rubbing against it
  • Use a nail file to polish off sharp ends if necessary
  • Can apply orthodontic wax to sharp edges if pain still persists
  • This is usually just their mouths getting used to the braces, and should pass within a few days

The back of the braces on my molar are not fitting well!

  • Sometimes when patients have short back molars, the aligners can’t grip well in these areas.
  • This does not affect treatment as zenyum usually only moves premolar to premolar
  • If it’s uncomfortable, trim off the loose part but never trim off a whole tooth. Always trim up to a maximum of half.

I have used my chewies and hit 20 hrs but there are still gaps!

  • Air gaps will slowly get smaller over a few weeks with regular aligner wear

Why do I not see changes?

  • First check patient treatment plan
  • Let patients know change is gradual- every set move teeth by 0.2mm

Where do i keep my old braces? Can I throw them away?

  • DO NOT throw them away in case of emergencies
  • Keep old braces after washing and dry back in the box

Why is it so difficult to remove my braces?

  • This usually happens for the red and black stages as the braces are tighter
  • after regular use, patients will get used to removing them
  • send them the link to braces removal

Why is it so difficult to wear my braces? Do I need to push them?

  • This usually happens for the red and black stages as the braces are tighte you would need to push in gently with a little pressure

Can I drink non coloured alcohol with the braces?

  • NO. Alcohol will corrode the braces

Is very hard to reach the corner of the braces to clean!

  • cleaning tablets are sold at our partner clinics

I have ulcers after wearing the braces is this normal?

  • yes, this is just your mouth getting used to the braces

What happens if aligner pops out?

  • Determine where its popping up.
  • Usually this is at the back molars
  • Most common reason is short molars that aligners can’t grip onto well
  • If its uncomfortable for the patient, trim of half of the last tooth

Why does my teeth feels like it is falling out?

  • With all types of braces treatment, the gentle pressure exerted onto the teeth to allow them to move into a more ideal position
  • In order for teeth to move, they need to loosen slightly. This is a normal and nothing to worry about.
  • At the end of treatment, when the teeth are in a good position, they will become firm again.

Why is there ‘white lines’ on my inner cheeks?

  • This is usually due to cheek biting at night. Its common in patients who grind or clench their teeth.

Is IPR painful

  • As the amount of tooth that is shaved off is very minimal, most patients find the process fairly painless.
  • Any sensitivity that may arise from the IPR procedure is temporary and lasts for 1-3 days.

Is it normal to get ulcers?

  • Yes, this is part of your mouth getting used to wearing the braces.

Why are my gums receding?

There are many reasons for gum recession. The most common is periodontal disease (gum disease). Your treating doctor will assess for this and give you the necessary advice if he or she detects it. 

Good oral hygiene (regular flossing and correct brushing technique) can help to prevent gum disease.


Gum recession during braces treatment is also sometimes common if teeth are pushed forward to make space. However, the Zenyum solution creates space primarily through IPR so the risk of gum recession is significantly lower.

Why does my aligners keep cracking?

  • Improper removal technique
  • Blue set is softer and breaks easily
  • Grinding at night
  • Clenching teeth during the day

Is it normal to get fever after wearing the aligners?

  • Unlikely to happen

Is it ok to let the bleeding stops before i wear the aligners? As it will trap the blood which causes smell over time.

  • Yes, its best to allow bleeding to stop before starting aligner use. If IPR was done already, you should start wearing the aligners within the same day to prevent any unwanted tooth movement.

Why is it so difficult to remove my aligners even with the removers?

  • Need to get to used to it
  • Well fitting aligners tend to be hard to remove

Is there anything that can be done to stop me from grinding on my aligners?

  • Grinding is a subconscious act, typically stress related. Being self-aware and consciously stopping yourself from grinding/clenching is useful if you notice day- time grinding or clenching.

Why is my aligners very loose? A few of the sets are like this, even the black ones

  • Could be due to short teeth
  • Impression error
  • Slight looseness at the back teeth is normal and wont affect treatment but we can help patients tighten if necessary

What happens if i wear lesser than 20 hours

  • Nothing significant if its not happening frequently
  • The first 2 days of every new aligner is when most of the tooth movement happens so be sure to try to wear them for at least 20 hours for the first 2 days

What are the white stains on my aligners

  • can i see example of the stains? Could be due to the material over-flexing during aligner removal, patient drinking hot drinks while wearing aligners etc

How do i remove the white stains from my aligners

  • Need to see example of the white stains

What happens if i accidentally drink alcohol with the aligners on

  • Its ok, just rinse your mouth and your aligners promptly

How do I know if I am allergic to the aligners

  • Allergies to our aligners are rare as we use a hypoallergenic material. But usually a real allergy presents as very visibly swollen lips. If patients experience any difficulty breathing, then its best to stop aligner wear immediately and consult a medical professional.

Also my teeth don't seem to be aligning properly, the bite feels off

  • During the alignment process, teeth change positions so the bite will feel differently.

Can i do fillings when i am already doing Zenyum treatment?

  • Depends – usually this is okay but best to go back to partner clinic with their aligners so that the partner dentist can help and adjust fillings to the aligners.

Can i do fillings when i am already doing Zenyum treatment?

  • Depends – usually this is okay but best to go back to partner clinic with their aligners so that the partner dentist can help and adjust fillings to the aligners.

Can i do fillings when i am already doing Zenyum treatment?

  • Trim the edge that is poking the gum


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FAQ About Zenyum