You’ve got a date…

with our Partner Dentist,

And just like any important life event, it should be amazing and memorable for the right reasons. That’s why we’ve put together an easy step-by-step guide just for you.

From knowing what to prepare before you set foot into our Partner Clinic, to what you can expect during the date and after, here’s the important information right at your fingertips.

Guide to your Dream
Dentist Date

Dental Appointment

Dental Appointment

1. Bring a sweater or shawl
Even though everyone will be warm and welcoming, you might experience cold shoulders, literally. Because clinics are kept cool to protect the dental equipment and ensure that they’re functioning optimally—a sweater or shawl will help keep you comfortable in that environment.

2. Be ready to go jewellery-free
It’s best not to accessorise for this date as metal earrings or facial jewellery might lead to poor imaging during your radiographic examination, resulting in non-diagnostic captures. This means you might have to retake them and unnecessarily increase your exposure to radiation.

3. Be 10 – 15 minutes early
As part of safety COVID measures, you will be required to check-in at the clinic and take your temperature before the appointment. 

1. If it’s your first time at the clinic, do arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time. This is so that you have enough time to complete your check-in and reduce the risk of delaying your date with the dentist.

Making the date on time
Click here to:

pinpoint the exact location of the clinic

get details on how to get there

know your approximate travel time

2. When you arrive, proceed to the reception and let them know you are there for your Zenyum consultation.

3. You will then receive a Consent Form that will take approximately 6 – 8 minutes to complete. This legal document protects you as it ensures an ongoing communication process between your healthcare provider, and yourself.

1. You can expect to spend approximately 30 – 60 minutes with the clinician and/or dentist as they get to know you better.

2. Once you have completed the Consent Form, you’ll spend the next 6 – 10 minutes getting your X-ray taken.

X-rays help the dentist identify any problems under your gums that may affect straightening your teeth with invisible braces.

3. Now you get very valuable time with your date, the dentist—this is when you get to ask questions and express any concerns. And here are some important things that will be covered during your one-on-one.

• What your smile goals are
• How ZenyumClear™ Aligners can help you achieve those goals
• Making you smile more, and taking digital photos of them to better know your current smile

4. After understanding your needs, the dentist will spend the next 6 – 8 minutes taking a 3D impression or 3D scan of your teeth.

Being able to see your teeth in three dimensions is what will allow the dentist to more effectively treat your dental conditions and develop your treatment plan.

5. At this point, you only have to pay for the dental consultation (which includes the X-ray and the 3D impression or 3D scan) and also any additional dental works that you have done in the clinic. You may do so via Nets, QR Instant Payment, or Credit Card.

1. Your personalised treatment plan should be ready approximately 14 business days later. You will be able to see a 3D simulation of how your smile transforms throughout the treatment.

We will either call or text you and send you an email with all the details.

2. Once you approve the prescribed treatment plan, we’ll begin producing your ZenyumClear Aligners.

Your approval will be confirmed by:
• a one time payment of $2,400, or
• 3 monthly installments of $800 at
0% interest.

3. Simply reach out to me if you require further information. 

Worried about missing your dentist date?

Smile easy as we’ll send you reminders via text, and there’ll be one sent in the morning of the day before your date.

Smile easy as we’ll send you reminders via text, and there’ll be one sent in the morning of the day before your date.

We look forward to meeting you!

Smile More.
Zenyum Team

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