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Maybe it’s a friend. Or a loved one.  All we know is they got the smile of their dreams with us. And they think you deserve one too. It’s happened before you know…


Edelyn Chua,
Zenyum Customer

“I’ve always had an insecurity about my teeth, and a friend recommended Zenyum to me, citing their affordability. And indeed, Zenyum is very competitively-priced … pretty good quality, and their staff are very friendly. You can monitor your treatment progress via its intuitive app. I’m very happy with how my teeth has shifted after my whole Zenyum treatment! Highly recommended if you’re looking at an affordable and trustable clear aligner company!”


Brenda Sim,
Zenyum Customer

“I had been wanting to straighten my teeth again after it shifted post braces years ago. Explored some options that were all really expensive. Until my friend told me about zenyum and I thought the treatment plan and duration was perfect plus the price point was still within reasonable range. The experience was pretty much seamless and simple. Would definitely recommend it to others as I feel that it gets you the results!”

Why join the Zenyum Referral Programme?

Easy! You get $150 OFF (not stackable) your Zenyum Invisible Braces! And your friend gets an $150 cashback too! Here’s how it works:


Step 1: Get Assessed

Fill up our free pre-assessment above - our dentists will assess your suitability for our aligners

Step 2: Clinic Appointment

Once accepted, we’ll contact you to schedule an appointment at one of our partner clinics to take scans and x-rays of your teeth to produce the aligners!

Step 3: Approve Treatment Plan

After roughly 2 weeks, we’ll send you a customised treatment plan for your approval! This is catered to the main concern you want to fix with Zenyum!

Step 4: $150 OFF!

Once you’ve approved of your treatment plan, we’ll send you a unique payment link that entitles you to $150 OFF (not stackable) your aligners! Your friend will also receive $150 cashback once you make payment!

See real results in as short as 3 months.

But don’t take our word for it… Ask your friend for all the details!

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"I like how Zenyum invisible braces are so affordable, convenient and light! With the app I can track my treatment seamlessly and their customer service are always so friendly and prompt in reply! Definitely recommend! 😊👍🏻"

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