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New beginnings are exciting! But sometimes they can feel overwhelming. That’s why we created this helpful guide to share everything about your Zenyum smile journey! Here’s all the important information you need ☺️

Get ready for a date with
your dentist 😍

1. We analyse your smile
Remember those teeth pictures you took? We use them to determine your eligibility for aligners and which treatment option would work best.

Download the Zenyum app to stay connected throughout your smile journey.

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2. Book a call
If you are eligible for Zenyum Invisible Braces, we’ll invite you to book a call with us.

During the call
Our customer service team will ask for some information (e.g. preferred clinic location, date of last dental appointment).

3. Get ready for a date with your dentist!
Save the date for your first invisible braces consultation. Download the Zenyum app to receive updates about your next appointment.

1. Bring a sweater 
For a pleasant experience at the dentist (without cold feet and hands), please bring a sweater!

2. Go jewellery-free
Sorry, it’s best not to accessorise for this date! Metal earrings or facial jewellery may interfere with dental scans and X-rays, so please remove them before your appointment.

3. Arrive 10 – 15 minutes early
This gives you some time to complete your check-in at the clinic before meeting the treating dentist.

1. Inform the receptionist that you’re here for a Zenyum consultation.

2. Complete a consent form which outlines details on how the treating dentist will communicate with you.

Your first appointment would take around 30-45 minutes.
1. The treating dentist examines your teeth and takes X-rays and 3D scans for analysis. Here you can chat more about treatment goals and how Zenyum aligners can improve your smile.

2. At this point, you only have to pay for the dental consultation (including the X-ray & 3D scan) and any other procedures done at the clinic.

1. Over the next 2 weeks, the treating dentist will create a personalised treatment plan for your new smile.

2. When your treatment plan receives the green light, our customer service team will send the plan to you for approval.

3. We’ll start producing the aligner sets once you have approved your treatment plan.

4. Your treatment plan approval will be confirmed either by a one-time payment or through monthly installments at 0% interest.

Save the date!

All ready for your first consultation? We’ll share more details on the Zenyum app.

All ready for your first consultation? We’ll share more details on the Zenyum app.

We look forward to seeing you!

Smile More.
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