19 October 2020

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A Comprehensive Guide to Teeth Whitening Treatments | Zenyum SG

We tested out three popular teeth-whitening options at drastically different price points. Here’s what we found…

teeth whitening treatments

Who doesn’t want a shining new set of pearly whites? Teeth whitening treatments have gained popularity in the recent years due to their convenience and quick results. 

Teeth whitening is not without its risks and a common active ingredient is known as hydrogen peroxide. A difference in its concentration can mean the difference between teeth whitening agent and rocket fuel…  so make sure you read this comprehensive guide before you sink your teeth into a treatment! 

What you need to know before getting a teeth whitening treatment

While teeth whitening is considered safe, it may result in some side effects such as teeth sensitivity. Hydrogen peroxide is a common active ingredient used in teeth whitening treatments, which can cause teeth to become temporarily porous and thus more sensitive.

Teeth whitening results are also a reflection of concentration and time. If a stain has been there a long time, the whitening agent has to diffuse deeper into the tissue of the teeth. 

Regardless of the teeth whitening treatment you opt for, the bottom line is to educate yourself adequately about its side effects and precautions.

Types of teeth whitening treatments

Who can resist a bright, confident smile? Beyond the gram, a bright smile signals good hygiene and health, making one look clean and professional. 

There are many options available on the market, but let’s explore the top three common teeth whitening treatments. 

1. LED teeth whitening

If you use Instagram (we know you do), chances are you’ve encountered  those cool-looking LED contraptions that promise you a dazzling, bright smile. 


We hate to break it to you but, LED teeth whitening isn’t much more than a marketing gimmick. This is because these direct-to-consumer DIY whitening gel kits cannot legally exceed 0.1% hydrogen peroxide – which is barely enough to deliver that dazzling smile. 


But don’t take our word for it, hear it from a professional: 


Dr. Bruce Lee, the clinical director at T32 Dental Centre told CNA that LED light plays no role in teeth whitening.

“As for the ‘cold’ [LED] light, which manufacturers claim will speed up the whitening process, research has proven that the whitening process is effected by the whitening gel. Whether or not there is light, or the source of light makes no significant difference.”

2. Take home whitening treatment kits

This solution is the best of both worlds – professional results in the comfort of your own home.  Take home whitening treatment kits contain higher concentrations of active ingredients and are dispensed by your dentist after consultation. You can expect results within 14-21 consecutive days. 

Your dentist will first have you fitted for custom-made trays so that they fit your teeth like a glove. The kit comes with a whitening gel that you dispense onto the tray before wearing them for a stipulated duration according to your dentist. 


The main benefit of this teeth whitening treatment is that it leaves you with minimal teeth sensitivity because it is gradual. It takes up to 14-21 days of consecutive wear before you start seeing results. However, because it is gradual, you can also control the tooth shade you’re going for. If you’re satisfied with your current shade, you can simply discontinue treatment.

Please remember to avoid dark-coloured beverages such as coffee and tea during the course of treatment. 

3. In-clinic teeth whitening treatment

Without a doubt, this option is the most effective, and the most hassle-free. It’s professionally performed by a dentist, and promises you a dazzling smile in just 75 minutes. 

But all of this convenience comes at a cost of up to $1,000++. If the heftier price tag doesn’t bother you, it’s recommended that you choose this option if you’re looking for a fuss-free and results-guaranteed teeth whitening treatment. 

However, as with all teeth whitening treatments, its effects aren’t permanent. You could always plan for a teeth whitening session before big events such as weddings, photoshoots, or even just to treat yourself! 

You could also upkeep your pearly whites by opting for take home whitening kits if professional cleaning sessions at the dentist get too costly. 


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A Comprehensive Guide to Teeth Whitening Treatments | Zenyum SG