19 October 2020

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Teeth Whitening in Singapore (Aftercare Tips Your DIY Kit Conveniently “Forgot” To Mention) | Zenyum SG

Done with your teeth whitening kit but not sure what are the do’s and don’ts? Find out how to take care of your newly whitened teeth here.

So you’ve gotten your pearly whites up to speed, dazzling and ready to go.

But after two days, you realise they aren’t as pearly white as before.


Was your teeth whitening kit lying when it claimed that whitening effects last up to 6 months? Have you been scammed?


The truth is, although whitening effects may differ from person-to-person, there may be a simple reason why your teeth have lost their lustre so quickly: Lack of proper after-care.

Wait…why do I need teeth-whitening aftercare???

Teeth whitening can result in your teeth being slightly more susceptible to teeth staining in the few days after treatment.


This means that you should be extra picky with the type of food you expose your teeth to after your whitening treatment.


Just for a couple of days. You wouldn’t want your bright smile to go down the drain, would you?

Okay, what food should I avoid after teeth-whitening?

1. Dark-coloured beverages

As painful as it sounds, in the next 48 hours, you should refrain and reduce your consumption of dark-coloured beverages like tea, coffee, and red wine.

Yes, this includes your favourite bubble tea.

These beverages are full of substances like chromogens and tannins, that increase the chances of stains sticking to your teeth. Acids are also present in these beverages that result in the breakdown of enamel, allowing stains to easily set in.

If you absolutely can’t resist the alluring scent of your colleague’s morning coffee, use a straw to sip it instead of drinking directly from the cup.

2. Dark sauces and fruit

Dark sauces like soy sauce, curry and tomato also have the potential to stain your teeth.

Opt for lighter-coloured sauces like cream-based ones if you want your teeth to stay whiter, longer.

And you know what that means: No chicken curry and char kway teow for 2 days.

Fruits like blueberries, blackberries, and cherries are also a no-go. Note that while opting for fruits like white grapes may help to reduce the chances of your teeth staining, they still contain acid that can erode your tooth enamel as well.

3. Chocolates and sugary sweets

Bad news for all you sweet tooths out there.

While chocolates and sweets may help to satiate your sweet tooth, they definitely won’t help out in the anti-teeth stain battle going on in your mouth.

Stave off the sweets temporarily and let your teeth-whitening kit do its job.

Go on a light diet

If you’re still unsure what dark-coloured foods to avoid, use the White Diet rule.

Avoid consuming any type of food that would leave a stain on a white shirt.

This doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all your favourite dishes – you can still consume your favourite cream-based pastas like carbonaras, desserts like soft-serve and frozen yoghurt, and fruits like bananas and apples.

Consuming fruits and vegetables that are crunchy and packed with water also help to increase the production of saliva, which help to neutralise the acids present in your mouth. This reduces the chances of your tooth enamel breaking down and probability of teeth staining.

Other teeth-whitening aftercare hacks

1. Use toothpaste specially formulated for sensitive teeth

Some of you may experience sensitivity after whitening your teeth, which is why dentists often recommend patients use a specially formulated toothpaste for one or two days after their whitening treatment.

If you’re currently using Zenyum Bright, you can also apply our remineralising gel (it comes with the kit) when you experience discomfort and sensitivity.

2. Brush or rinse after consuming stain-causing food and drink

If you can’t help but savour just a tiny morsel of your favourite char kway teow, don’t freak out.

It’s not yet game-over for your pearly whites.

Brushing and rinsing your teeth after consuming stain-causing beverages or food can help to reduce the likelihood of the stains setting in. However, do note that you should wait at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth as not doing so can result in the erosion of your tooth enamel as well.

3. Cut back on tobacco products

Smoking and the use of other tobacco products can be disastrous for your newly whitened teeth. You might notice your teeth reverting to their original yellow state within just a few days.

The tar and nicotine present in cigarettes are notorious for causing yellow teeth in smokers.

Teeth-whitening effects won't last forever...

How long your newly whitened teeth stay bright and white really depends on your diet and lifestyle choices, but effects normally range from a few months for whitening kits to a year for in-clinic whitening treatments.


Inevitably, you’ll have to touch up on those pearly whites occasionally. While this means extra costs incurred for trips down to the dentist for your in-clinic whitening sessions, that’s the price you pay for a brighter smile.

Maintaining whiter teeth with Zenyum Bright is ridiculously easier

The good news? If you’re currently an existing Zenyum Bright or Invisible Braces user, you can simply get the refill pens (comes in a set of 3) delivered directly to your door for just $99.


One set will last you about 6 months.


All you have to do is apply the gel on your existing whitening trays or Zenyum Invisible Braces.


It’s that simple.


So remember, proper aftercare is critical to ensuring your new dazzling, white smile stays that way.

Want whiter teeth in just 5 days?

Zenyum Bright is a teeth whitening kit containing the key ingredients of carbamide peroxide and sodium fluoride.

There’s no question about it. It works.

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Teeth Whitening in Singapore (Aftercare Tips Your DIY Kit Conveniently “Forgot” To Mention) | Zenyum SG