4 November 2020

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5 Influencers Share Their Experience Using ZenyumSonic For The First Time | Zenyum SG

Ever wondered about the people behind the gleaming Zenyum smiles you see all over social media? Come with us for an exclusive chat, where we get to know some of our favourite influencers and their ZenyumSonic™ routines!

When investing into something as important as an electric toothbrush, we know how important a good review is. But if you’re tired of seeing the same old boring reviews, then we have the fix for you! Say goodbye to anonymous reviews and hello to some of Singapore and Malaysia’s favourite influencers, as they share more about their ZenyumSONIC Electric Toothbrush! With everything from their personal experience, favourite modes and even some exclusive Sonic fun facts, we’re bringing you GOOD VIBES and the secrets behind those dazzling Instagram smiles.

Meet the people behind those gleaming ZenyumSonic smiles!

Is it just us, or can you already feel those good vibes radiating from our influencers? We can’t wait to get to know more about our Zenyum family! Let’s find out more about their lives before they were introduced to ZenyumSonic.

What toothbrush were you using before you #MadeTheSwitch?


Before using the ZenyumSonic, our influencers were either using manual toothbrushes or electric toothbrushes. So, why make the switch? One of the main differences between an electric toothbrush and a SONIC electric toothbrush is our ultra-fast vibrations! With 33,000 vibrations per minute, the ZenyumSonic cleans your teeth at TEN TIMES the rate of a typical electric toothbrush! At that speed, you get a DEEPER clean and plaque reduction of up to 21%! 

Your toothpaste whips up into bubbles that slide between your teeth and along your gums.


What was your first impression of ZenyumSonic before using it?

From unboxing this revolutionary product to holding it for the first time, let’s hear from our influencers about their initial thoughts on the ZenyumSonic!



With the ZenyumSonic, you get improved brushing habits and a whole lot MORE! Its clean and sleek aesthetic will elevate that boring bathroom counter, making it perfect for that Insta-Worthy shot – it’s no wonder our influencers love it! Now you can brush your teeth, knowing that each step of your self-care routine looks as gorgeous as your smile.

How would you describe your brushing experience?

As long-time users of manual or electric toothbrushes, we were curious to find out more about the influencers’ first time brushing with a sonic electric toothbrush! First-time users often share a slight tickling sensation due to ultra-fast vibrations but not to worry, as this sensation diminishes the more you use it! All the more reason to stay on top of your brushing game!



There’s nothing like developing a brand new habit that’s both easy and produces dazzling results! The ZenyumSonic is bringing you just that, powering up your self-care routine for clean teeth, protected gums and no more bleeding gums!

What is your favorite mode on ZenyumSonic?


ZenyumSonic is designed with three customizable brush settings to fit your every need. With these settings, you can bid goodbye to stains and sensitivities in your teeth or gums – all while enjoying a better brushing experience!



The popular choice among our 5 friends is the White mode! All you coffee drinkers out there, this one’s for you! WHITE is the perfect mode to brush away stubborn coffee stains and prevent yellow teeth by polishing your pearly whites and bringing them their shine!


CLEAN gives your teeth a good ol’ cleaning that covers every part of your tooth that your manual toothbrush could never reach!


GENTLE hits the sweet spot for clean teeth but protected gums. Say goodbye to bleeding gums and hello to a more enjoyable brushing experience!



Now that we’ve gotten to know our influencers and heard more about their journey with the ZenyumSonic, we’ve got a BONUS question for everyone who wants a kick-ass start to their morning! Psst… get your Spotify ready because you’re going to want to note this down!

What song does Sonic remind you of?


Wei Wen and Rainier both chose ‘Tokyo Drift’ as THE SONG that comes to mind when they think of ZenyumSonic. It’s been tried and tested and we 100% recommend jamming to this tune while you brush your teeth, for a fresh start to a productive day!

Who would you gift a ZenyumSonic to and why?

Here at Zenyum, we’re all about sharing the Sonic love and powering up smiles across Southeast Asia! So, we want to know who they’d share this explosive new brushing experience with, giving them the gift of Smiling More!

A good self-care routine definitely makes us feel good, and sharing that experience with our friends and family feels even better! Taking steps to brighter smiles and whiter teeth is a form of self-care that can help to boost our confidence and improve our motivation and productivity each day! 

Who would you gift a ZenyumSonic to?

Let’s catch up on Instagram!

We hope you loved this fun review of the ZenyumSonic by some of our favourite influencers, and that you enjoyed getting to know about them as much as we did! Follow them on Instagram for a peek into their lives or chat them up about their experiences with the ZenyumSonic Electric Toothbrush!


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5 Influencers Share Their Experience Using ZenyumSonic For The First Time | Zenyum SG