24 December 2020

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How To Host Your New Year Zoom Countdown | Zenyum SG

Here’s how to host your first New Year Countdown on Zoom!

We’re all eager to bid 2020 farewell, and get cracking on our new year’s resolutions. While this year’s countdown is going to look very different, all is not lost! Because a Zoom countdown is a lot more fun than you think if you plan it well. Here are 6 tips to crush your first virtual Zoom party:

Create party-themed Zoom backgrounds

Virtual parties can be themed parties! Canva has hundreds of customisable backgrounds for you to choose from and to get creative with. They make it ideal for a photo opp and memories’ sake.

TIP: For those of you who’ve resolutely worked on a self-improvement project during lockdown – like getting a smile upgrade, or a body transformation – this is the best time to shed all your inhibitions and share your results in your Zoom background!

Host a multiplayer game

Many games have made 2020 even more fun with the most notable one being Among Us.

Among Us is a “online multiplayer social deduction game” where up to 10 players (typically consisting of 1 Imposter and 9 crewmates) run around in a spaceship, working together to expose the Imposter – all while completing tasks on the spaceship. The twist? Players have to identify the Imposter before they are eliminated.

What better way to start 2021 than gathering in a Zoom call with your friends and playing Among Us. It will be a fun-filled but frustrating couple of hours but the memories made in that Zoom call would leave a lasting memory to begin the new year!

Invite international guests

Missing your friends from around the globe? Now is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with them over a Zoom party. The pandemic has made people a lot more comfortable with video calls, so leverage that and embrace your inner global citizen!

Food delivery secret santa

Eating out in large groups could be an unlikely event anytime soon, but you can still have a virtual meal with all your friends on Zoom! To put a spin on it, you can send food to one another via delivery apps, secret santa style.


You can do this by drawing names for one another using a random generator. The name that you have drawn would be the friend that you are sending food to. To make things easier, an indication on food preferences would make the occasion special. 


Imagine receiving a meal that was ordered just for you to begin the new year. Afterwards, everyone can enjoy a virtual meal (in groups of more than 8).

Liven the mood with a Zoom party playlist

What’s a party without some good music? Create a party playlist with apps like Spotify or Youtube and celebrate the new year with good music playing in the background. However, the music should be at a volume where guests can still talk over it to ensure an enjoyable experience.

If the music is too good, just start dancing! Shake off all the stress of 2020 with a little dancing to welcome 2021 with your closest friends.

Enjoy a movie night

A movie night with your friends could be the best way to end the night, and with a simple chrome extension it’s easy to organise one. Teleparty is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to watch television remotely from streaming services like Netflix with your friends in real time.


To organise a movie night simply:

  1. Add Teleparty as a Google Chrome extension.
  2. Select a movie from Netflix and click on the Teleparty icon from the bookmarks bar.
  3. Copy and send the link to the Zoom chat and ensure that everybody is in the Teleparty chat room.
  4. Press play.


Now you can watch a movie with your friends together via Zoom and end the night on the best note.


A pandemic shouldn’t stop us from celebrating the festive season with loved ones.

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How To Host Your New Year Zoom Countdown | Zenyum SG