3 November 2020

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CelebFest x Zenyum: The Social Circle Way To Snagging Your Significant Other | Zenyum SG

Finding true love? The Social Circle and CelebFest are about to drop some truth bombs for you.

Finding love is more difficult than most of us would like to admit.

And it doesn’t help that everywhere we turn – whether it’s pop culture, society, and even our own family – the pressure to find true love, settle down, and live out a happily-ever-after is real.

 – Is he/she the right one for me?

  • How do I know for sure??
  • What should I reeeaaally look out for before swiping right???

Who better to answer these burning questions than the good folk at The Social Circle from CelebFest?

So if you’re ready to receive some epic hard truth bombs on snagging your significant other, read on:

1. Abs are not abs-olutely necessary

When it comes to finding ‘the one’,  having a hot body to plaster over Instagram might seem like a great idea. Well… yes. And no.


You see while showcasing the fact that

  • You’re fit, and
  • Put in the effort to take good care of your health,

a hot body isn’t the only factor that ends up attracting your future partner.


Fatin says it best:

"I want the abs to be macam like compatible with the face."

Does this mean you need a great face AND great body to land the date of your dreams? Nope.

In fact, as Aisyah tells us, a lot more goes into her attractiveness equation.

2. "Write a good bio"

We agree with Aisyah. It’s not enough to have great pictures and a bio that says, “Going to delete this app soon.”


Writing a quality bio on your preferred dating app is the key to attracting quality matches. This makes perfect sense because if you think about it, it’s your pictures that get their attention first. Then it’s up to your bio to really move that special someone to message you.

3. An irresistible smile makes 'em go oooohh...

If you’ve been following us, you know we at Zenyum are all about big, irresistible smiles. And for good reason.


They’re incredibly attractive and uhmmm… hard to resist. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s how Fariz from the Social Circle met his girlfriend online.

"It was a normal photo... But her smile was like oooh... When I eventually met her for the first date her smile was just like wow so confident... Full of confidence."

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again. Your smile is your hidden superpower waiting to be unleashed on the world.

4. "Be comfortable with yourself first before finding anyone else"

Final epic truthbomb from the Social Circle:

"You don't need anyone or partner to be happy or to be wholesome. You can always improve yourself. Be comfortable with yourself first before having anyone else."

*Slow clap* After all… So if you don’t feel super confident about yourself, do something to create that confidence.

You could work on your smile (see our 3 easy steps to getting your genuine smile back).

You could start working out to improve your fitness. You can start your day fresh with a new morning routine (read our very own guide to starting new healthy habits, every morning!).

Do this and before you know it, you’ll show up for that next date, feeling super comfortable in your own skin. Coincidentally, that’s also when you’ll be at your most attractive! 

A Smile That Makes Others Go "Oooh"...

Begins with you.

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CelebFest x Zenyum: The Social Circle Way To Snagging Your Significant Other | Zenyum SG