30 October 2020

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Giving You a Reason to “Zenyum” | Zenyum SG

Senyum in Bahasa means smile. Our mission at Zenyum is simple: We want to help you achieve a happy, confident and radiant smile that won’t break your bank.

How do we really help you achieve a happy, confident and radiant smile that won’t break the bank?

We do this by harnessing the power of 3D printing and thermoforming technology. Our team of dental experts at Zenyum are dedicated to transforming each smile we encounter. Looking for straighter teeth and a healthier bite? Zenyum Invisible Braces might just be the solution for you. 

Senyum in Bahasa means 'smile'

Invisible braces are the greatest invention since sliced bread. They straighten teeth without the cosmetic inconvenience, allow for better dental hygiene, and are more professional-looking. 


But all of that also comes at a price, and a high one at that. Well, actually, maybe for other invisible braces brands. Not us, though. Zenyum is Singapore’s answer to expensive dental braces and teeth aligners. We eliminate unnecessary costs through using advanced technology, without compromising on product quality. It’s the age of the Internet! Let’s break free from breaking the bank!

How much do Zenyum aligners cost?

Ranging from S$2,400 to S$3,900, you can start your Zenyum journey to straighter teeth today. The exact cost of your treatment depends on the complexity of your teeth needs, and accordingly, the treatment plan you are prescribed — either ZenyumClear™ or ZenyumClear™ Plus, for more complex cases. 

Best part is that the cost is capped at S$3,900 for ZenyumClear™ Plus users. And instalment plans are available if paying a lump sum makes you feel queasy. During your treatment, in case you need more aligner sets, those are on us too. We want you to be happy and confident about the smile you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life! 

A 20th century solution to a straighter smile

Are you still booking, waiting for, and commuting to regular appointments? Why though? With the Zenyum app, our dentists can keep track of your progress remotely and safely. You have 24/7 support with the app, and all of this without the hassle of traveling! 

But! (Yes, there’s a but.) You will still need to come in person for the first few consultations. These are for X-rays, aligner fittings, and other procedures that need professional equipment and a dentist’s touch (and knowledge). After all, DIY dentistry is a no-no. 


To qualify for Zenyum aligners, you need to have good oral hygiene and you should have all prior dental work, like fillings or gum treatments, done in advance. We might also need you to undergo scaling and polishing treatments before we can treat you. Our partner practices provide special offers for this.

The team behind your smile

Our team is made up of highly qualified dental experts, Singapore-licensed orthodontists, experienced entrepreneurs, and creative digital marketers, who are dedicated to providing a simple, yet effective solution to straighter teeth in Southeast Asia. We created Zenyum because we believe smiles are a basic human right – everyone should feel like they can smile their brightest, everyday.


A lovely smile at a lovely price. So, what’s stopping you?


Start your Zenyum journey now.

Free your best smile today

The straightest, widest, most uninhibited smile ever is waiting to be unleashed on the unsuspecting public. (Trust us. They’ll never know what hit them.)


WIll it be YOUR smile?

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Giving You a Reason to “Zenyum” | Zenyum SG