22 September 2020

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If You Need Braces, Don’t Wait. Here’s Why | Zenyum SG

Considering braces, but thinking that your teeth don’t look too bad and there’s no need to get it now? This could be dangerous. Find out why.

Getting teeth braces in Singapore is not always a smooth ride.

You have to get used to wearing them, remember to take them off before eating and plan when you’re going to take them off unless you’re happy to do it at the table in front of all of your friends.

You might also experience some pain when you’re wearing teeth braces for the first time when they can feel very tight.

Because of the changes that come with wearing braces, some people may think that it’s better to delay getting braces until they have the capacity to deal with it.

Maybe you think your teeth don’t look too bad, so you can afford to put it off later. 

However, delaying orthodontic treatment such as braces can have more severe consequences and potentially increase the cost and time needed for treatment.

It’s not just about the looks

Getting braces in Singapore to straighten your teeth isn’t only about feeling good about your appearance.

Crooked and crowded teeth are typically more difficult to clean.

The gaps make it more challenging for you to brush or floss certain areas of your mouth which cause the build-up of bacteria which could lead to some painful and ugly problems. 

1. Plaque and Tartar

For instance, being unable to properly brush your teeth can lead to the formation of plaque and tartar, which may appear unsightly when you smile!

2. Inflamed Gums and Tooth Cavities

Being unable to properly brush and floss your teeth definitely compromises your oral hygiene which may also put you at higher risk of developing inflamed gums and tooth cavities, which could be costly and painful..

If your jaw protrudes out slightly, you might have overcrowded teeth and your teeth cannot fit normally within your jaw.

This also makes it difficult to brush and floss between each tooth.

Teeth braces straighten your teeth so that you can brush all parts of your teeth effectively and avoid tooth decay.

Braces prevent you from wearing down your teeth

If you have an overbite or underbite, where either your top or bottom teeth stick out more than the other side of your teeth, you might be wearing down your teeth.

For example, an overbite can mean your bottom teeth are hitting the back of your front teeth all the time. Over time, you might wear your teeth so thin that they can chip easily and become smaller. 

The troubles of misaligned jaws and teeth

Misaligned jaws can also make it more challenging for you to chew your food properly.

This can cause poor digestion as chewing is an important part of helping your body to break down food and digest it more easily. It can also strain your jaw and muscles if you can’t chew properly. Tight face muscles are no joke and can cause migraines and headaches. 

Some people also have an anterior open bite where their front teeth are not touching each other.

This means you might be over-reliant on your molars to chew your food since your front teeth can’t chew effectively.

If you also find that you frequently bite your tongue or cut your tongue on your teeth, braces may be essential to help prevent this. 

Protruding teeth may also mean you can’t close your mouth properly, so you might experience dry lips and find it difficult to brush the gums of your front teeth.

You may also find it difficult to pronounce certain sounds due to the way your tongue is positioned under your teeth. This could severely affect the way you speak and potentially affect your confidence when giving speeches or when talking to new people.

Which leads to our next point…

Confidence is unbeatable

If you’re always embarrassed to smile with your teeth because you’re self-conscious about how they look, you may be suppressing the release of endorphins.

When you smile, you’re sending a signal to your brain to release chemicals that make you feel happy. 

Feeling more confident about your appearance also has benefits in terms of your social life and making a good impression on the people you work with. 

You may think that wearing traditional metal braces in Singapore might be an embarrassing experience in itself.

However, braces have evolved over time and you can now get invisible braces easily in Singapore.

Shouldn’t I wait since braces can be a big investment?


The reality is, you no longer have to scrimp and save every penny to afford invisible braces in Singapore. 

They have become a lot more affordable due to the advent of 3D printing. Metal braces cost around $3,500 to $4,200, but invisible braces cost around $2,400 to $4,000. 

Many providers also provide payment plans to make it easier on your wallet so that you can afford the braces cost.

For example, Zenyum braces cost between $2,400 and $3,900, which you can pay for either via a monthly interest-free installment plan or a one-time payment. 


I’m in, but… should I get invisible braces right now?

There are some medical reasons to delay your invisible braces treatment. 

For example,

  • if you don’t have your full set of adult teeth yet,
  • if you have a prominent lower jaw that hasn’t grown fully yet or
  • other underlying dental conditions that require treatment before you start wearing braces. 


Otherwise, there’s no reason to wait to straighten your smile with teeth braces.

You’ll be on your way to cleaner teeth that aren’t being damaged over time and greater confidence in your appearance. 

Unlimited Confidence Begins Today

Start your journey to a beautiful, long-lasting smile you can be proud of.

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If You Need Braces, Don’t Wait. Here’s Why | Zenyum SG