23 August 2021

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3 beauty tips from the global beauty trendsetter – ELLE that Zenyum lives by | Zenyum SG

Solo activities are great when you need some time to yourself. But some are just better when done with friends.

Beauty tips from ELLE

From finding your personal style to perfecting your skincare routine, we have all found a way to werk the beauty game with our secret sauce of patience and discipline. At Zenyum, we too aim to give you quality dental care by combining a team of professional dentists with top notch customer service. Like the industry leader for women’s beauty trends, ELLE, our goa is to uplift your beauty standards, a smile at a time. Read on to find out the 3 most important tips behind every beauty breakthrough. 

1. Keep it fuss-free

Zenyum Invisible Braces treatment is just like styling your hair. When it comes to achieving those bouncy beach waves or voluminous side sweep, multifunctional hair dryers work best. Because it requires minimal effort for maximum results. This fuss-free aspect can also be found in the Zenyum aligner treatment. 


With just 3 in-clinic consults, an Invisible Braces treatment with Zenyum allows you to seamlessly achieve your ideal set of teeth. All it takes is popping on your aligners while dentists and your assigned customer care staff tracks your progress from an app, making sure your treatment goes smoothly. Afterall, the process of glowing up should be as satisfying as the end result.

2. Aim for maximum results

At Zenyum, we keep our Invisible Braces treatment easy, all while ensuring that you get your ideal set of teeth. From essential in-clinic consultations that ensure you get a detailed teeth assessment to fitting appointments with our strong team of dentists to empower you with tips on how to wear and care for your aligners, we help you achieve maximum results. This makes sure the treatment is worth your investment and has sustainable results for the rest of your life. 

3. Find what works for you

As with any skincare routine or beauty product that we live by, it differs from person to person. And understandably so! Everyone is unique and that reflects in the different types of products that work for us. The key to cracking the beauty code is to find what works best for you


Thankfully, that’s what you can expect from a Zenyum Invisible Braces treatment. At Zenyum, customization runs through everything we do, from your treatment process to the aligner sets. Because we want to help you achieve an ideal smile that is uniquely yours.

Zenyum has earned the ELLE spotlight

Not only have we won the ELLE Beauty Awards 2021, but we’ve also become a brand that ELLE stands by, as a fuss-free option to glow-up. At Zenyum, we want to help you reach your beauty standards by boosting your confidence each aligner at a time. Kickstart your Zenyum journey with a free pre-assessment today! 

A Simple Smile Makes Everything Beautiful

Zenyum Invisible Braces straighten your teeth to unveil your best smile ever. Find out what ELLE Singapore loves about Zenyum.

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3 beauty tips from the global beauty trendsetter – ELLE that Zenyum lives by | Zenyum SG