27 November 2020

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5 Ways to Wake Up Smarter | Zenyum SG | Zenyum SG

If you’re not an early riser, emerging from bed on time every morning may already be a great accomplishment. Here are some tips to wake up smarter for a more productive day ahead:

1. Mother knows best… go to bed early!

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at the often-overlooked benefits of hitting the sack early. While working overtime or burning the midnight oil is a norm for time-pressed students and working professionals, productive daytime hours the next day are sacrificed in exchange for those few late night hours.

So, go to bed at a fixed time to regulate your sleep schedule if you want a productive day ahead.

2. Rise and shine: Let there be light

Alarms are a necessary evil to ensure that we get up on time. But here’s a less crankier alternative: sunlight! Studies have shown that our body’s natural sleep rhythm works in tandem with natural sunlight

When this rhythm is undisturbed by, say a rude alarm clock, your mind allows you to settle into ‘work mode’ more easily. You can opt to leave your curtains slightly drawn, or purchase a natural light alarm for a more deliberate reminder. 

3. Place your alarm far from you

Alarm Clock GIF by rabbittobi

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of this small trick. Place your smartphone or alarm device at the other end of your bedroom (or anywhere away from your bed), and you’ll be ‘forced’ to physically get up to silence the incessant ringing. 

The short journey there serves as a mini exercise by itself, and you’ll be relatively awake by the time you reach your device. To prevent yourself from returning to bed, you can even incorporate a light workout routine to get that extra blood pumping. 

4. Prepare your outfit the night before

Choosing What To Wear GIF by Bournemouth University

For those of us who want to express our most authentic selves with what we wear, just choosing an outfit can be a borderline first-world problem. On average, people spend 15 minutes coordinating their attire in an already-hectic morning when the solution for this is simple: just plan your outfit the night before! Some moguls like Mark Zuckerberg take this a step further by wearing the same outfit daily to save time.

The precious time saved can then be used for a light workout or to indulge in some more shut-eye. 

5. Invest in smart technology

Mornings can make even the simplest things, like brushing your teeth, a painful chore. Thankfully, smart tech like the ZenyumSonic toothbrush’s smart capabilities can make your mornings a little more convenient. 

What do you get with this sonic toothbrush? 

  • Over 30,000 vibrations a minute, 
  • soft bristles to avoid over-brushing and 
  • 3 cleaning modes. 

Perfect for the groggy late-riser who wants to exert as little energy as possible while removing morning mouth gunk and bacteria with minimal elbow movement.

But the best part is its built-in two-minute timer that allows for the teeth-brushing process to be over in a mere two minutes – perfect for any time-pressed Singaporean who doesn’t wish to compromise on their oral hygiene.

Build a smarter, healthier brushing habit today

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5 Ways to Wake Up Smarter | Zenyum SG | Zenyum SG