How Much Braces Cost in Singapore (The Complete Guide) | Zenyum SG

6 mins read Having metal braces can be a daunting prospect – not only for the potential embarrassment (being called ‘metal mouth’) but also from the pinch in your wallet. Yes, there’s no denying it; braces cost in Singapore is pretty steep. Especially since most braces are done for aesthetic-enhancement purposes. That means you can’t use your Medisave funds to […]

Got An Overbite? Here’s Why Braces Will Help You Fix It | Zenyum SG

3 mins read The tale of Freddie Mercury The most famous example of an overbite is Freddie Mercury’s teeth. The famous rockstar had four extra teeth in the back of his mouth that pushed his front teeth forward. Freddie however, refused to fix his overbite because he believed it was what made his voice so unique. However, mere mortals like the rest […]

During the Treatment: The Nitty Gritty on Your Zenyum Invisible Braces Journey | Zenyum SG

Zenyum Invisible Braces in storage box, next to notebook

5 mins read Congratulations! You’ve officially started on your Zenyum journey. You might now be gearing up to start wearing your Zenyum Invisible Braces or maybe you’re excitedly waiting for them to be 3D-printed. Perhaps you’re already nearing the end of your treatment and want to find out how to maintain that not-so-distant glowing smile? Wherever you are […]

4 Grooming Tips For Men To Achieve The Ultimate Glow-up | Zenyum SG

4 mins read Slippers to Orchard Road? Movember moustaches all year round? If we could speak on behalf of all the ladies, we would say that these are definitely a no-no when it comes to men’s appearance. Whether you are a bachelor ready to mingle or happily in love, we all need a little glow-up now and then. […]

5 Natural Beauty Trends In 2021 To Enhance Your Features | Zenyum SG

4 mins read 2021 natural beauty trend #1: Skinimalism From dewy makeup looks to simple everyday dos, Skinmalism has hit us in full force. This new trend helps you look fresh for your morning meetings and dates, giving you a healthy glow that enhances your natural beauty. Whether it is keeping it light on the foundation or using […]

How Does Zenyum Really Work? Your Top Questions Answered | Zenyum SG

zenyum invisble braces atop zenyum box

8 mins read You asked, and we’re delivering: How exactly does Zenyum work? Sure, your Instagram feed is flooded with invisible aligners ads, and you’re thinking to yourself: Aren’t they all the same? Except, well, they’re not. We’re here to help you get the smile you’ve always dreamed of so you can cheese your heart out when the camera flash […]

I’ve submitted my pre-assessment photos, so what’s next? | Zenyum SG

3 mins read First of all, congratulations! You have taken the first step towards achieving the smile of your dreams by submitting your photos.    While awaiting your pre-assessment results, here’s more information on what to expect for your Zenyum invisible braces journey, should you be suitable for either of our treatment plans. Dentist-recommended treatment Our teeth-straightening solution […]

Zenyum Invisible Braces Can Now Do More—Meet ZenyumClear™ Plus | Zenyum SG

3 mins read If you’ve been looking for a discreet way to improve your smile, the words ‘invisible braces’ would have been in your search history. But for the uninitiated, ZenyumClear™ Aligners are 3D-printed invisible braces that correct misalignments in teeth. Previously, Zenyum mainly catered to mild teeth misalignments. Since then, we’ve grown our capabilities to help even […]