Zenyum vs DIY Aligners

What's the difference? From as low as MYR 5,599, we make a licensed dentist the centre of your teeth-straightening journey. So you enjoy safe treatment and a smile you’ll love!

How does Zenyum stack up to DIY Aligners?

We ask the hardest questions so you don’t have to.

We care for your smile like no other

3 reasons why we are different.

Local, licensed onsite dentists

Bad things can happen if you straighten your teeth without professional supervision. We make sure you have access to a local, licensed onsite dentist before starting treatment.

We are with you every step of the way

With remote monitoring, our dentists can carefully monitor your progress - anytime, anywhere. Feel safer with an onsite appointment? We can schedule one for you at no additional cost.

Your safety is our No. 1 priority

With Zenyum, X-rays and 3D scans by dentists are a must-haves to assess underlying dental conditions before any treatment is prescribed.

How does Zenyum stack up to Become?

We ask the hardest questions so you don’t have to.

  • Treatment cost
  • Pre-Treatment Dental Clinic Consultation
  • Treatment Monitoring via Mobile App
  • Dental Clinic Check-Ups
  • RM 5,799
  • No
  • Have to log onto web
  • No
  • RM 5,599 - 9,999
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes, 2+ visits to check on progress

Easy Payment Options?

We’ve got 2 ridiculously simple payment plans.

Interest-free monthly payments

Cover your treatment in up to 6 easy, 
interest-free payments.



Your entire treatment in a simple, one-time
payment of MYR 5,599 – MYR 9,999

See real results in as soon as 3 months.

We let the smiles do the talking.

7 months
7 monthsSpacing
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8 months
8 monthsSpacing
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7 months
7 monthsProtruding
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7 months
7 monthsCross Bite
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3 months
3 monthsCrowding
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10 months
10 monthsCrowding
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Served thousands of satisfied customers across Asia

Surprisingly comfortable!
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I have been wearing Zenyum for about 1 month now and the braces are very comfortable and clear! Surprisingly, my friends can't even tell that I have braces on. I am looking forward to the end of the results to see my new transformed smile. - Justin 吴宗翰
Zenyum was perfect for me
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My zenyum process went by very quickly and was super simple and painless. - Jamie Tan
Zenyum was able to give me the smile that I desired
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The Zenyum app also allows me to communicate seamlessly if I encounter any issues - Apple Alissa
I love how convenient and comfortable my journey has been.
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it's so convenient that I am able to chat with the Zenyum team and my treating dentist whenever I have any questions which is perfect for a busy person like me - Sherri Ashlee

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