19 October 2020

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Straight Teeth Are Too Expensive? Not With Zenyum! | Zenyum MY

Is Zenyum really more affordable than other teeth straightening options in Malaysia? We give you the facts, straight up.

Is Zenyum really more affordable than other methods of teeth straightening in Malaysia?

Zenyum was founded on the basis that a confident smile shouldn’t cost a fortune.

We entered the Southeast Asian market with the aim to make orthodontic treatment accessible to the masses.

How much would Malaysians have had to fork out for straighter teeth before Zenyum?

Up to MYR 18,000 for invisible braces and orthodontic treatment.

Zenyum invisible braces are priced at just MYR 5,599.

The price is fixed and does not vary on a case-by-case basis.

Conventional braces can vary in price at times based on individual case complexity, treatment time etc.

Zenyum Invisible Braces are made of medical grade, BPA and latex free plastic. And they work by applying gentle pressure on teeth and altering their position overtime.

The best part?


Zenyum offers an installment option over 6 months

With our 0% Interest 6 Month Installment Plan.

Not only are Zenyum Invisible Braces more affordable but they’re also more convenient. 

  • They are removable,
  • Hassle-free and
  • Invisible (and hence discreet)

Giving them an edge over their metal competitors.

But... what's the difference between Zenyum and braces provided by the Malaysian government in public hospitals?

Great question!

We highly respect the efforts of the Malaysian government to make orthodontic treatment more affordable, and if this is an option for you, then you should seriously consider it.

Malaysian government hospitals provide metal braces starting at around MYR 500.

However, you should also be aware that:

  • You have to pay an additional MYR 50 (approximately) for monthly check ups. With Zenyum, you only have to go for an initial consultation, after which your progress can be tracked by your treating doctor via the Zenyum App. If you face any difficulty during treatment, you can always go to your treating doctor in one of our partner clinics for consultation and check-in appointments. 
  • There is also a waiting-list for Malaysian government hospital orthodontic treatments. This can go up to 2 years for braces. There is no waiting-list with Zenyum. We book you in for our initial consultation as and when it is convenient for you.
  • Government hospitals do not provide orthodontic treatments for patients above 18 years of age (Zenyum treats cases from 18 years of age to 55 years.) 

So, why should you go for Zenyum Invisible Braces?

Not only are Zenyum’s Invisible Braces a more affordable alternative to straighten teeth than the majority of the braces providers in Malaysia, they are also a great option in terms of convenience.

Zenyum – Invisible, Removable and Affordable!

Investing In A Radiant Smile Is Worth It

If you’ve ever felt insecure about your teeth, you can finally smile wide and flash your brilliant smile to the world. 

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Straight Teeth Are Too Expensive? Not With Zenyum! | Zenyum MY