30 October 2020

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How to Clean Your Invisible Braces (The Zenyum Way)

Your Zenyum Invisible Braces need some TLC too! Check out this surprisingly easy way to clean them.

aligners soaking in a glass of water

You’ve got your snazzy new invisible braces, and you’re excited to embark on your transformation to a beautiful smile!


You’re (hopefully) wearing them for 20-22 hours every day.


But wait…


What’s that white stuff forming on the insides?


It’s perfectly normal for calcium deposits to form on your invisible braces. And if you don’t rinse your mouth after meals before putting your invisible braces on, don’t be surprised if you take them off and see food bits inside them.


It’s important to keep your clear aligners clean, especially since you’re wearing them almost all the time!


Before we get into the surprisingly easy way to clean your invisible braces, let’s start with what you should never do.

DON'T use hot water

Do not ever put your invisible braces in hot water to clean them.

You might think you’re sterilising your invisible braces to remove bacteria, but what you’re doing can cause the plastic to warp.

Once it’s warped, either you can’t wear them anymore or the invisible braces will not be in the right position, and all that you’ve paid for your invisible braces goes down the drain.

DON'T microwave your aligners

Maybe you got the idea of doing this from seeing QB House hairdressers put their tools into a UV steriliser after each haircut, and thought to yourself:

Hmmm… UV… microwave… close enough.



Seriously though, the heat from a microwave can damage your invisible braces!


The plastic can warp and go out of shape, bringing your smile transformation to an abrupt, premature end.


Don’t even think about wearing warped invisible braces.


Because they’re now distorted, wearing them could cause your teeth to shift in ways so wrong, the damage to your teeth alignment could be permanent.

DON'T clean aligners in the washing machine

This happens to the best of us.


We forget to remove items out of our pockets and throw all our clothes into the washer, where our items get a nice spin in the washing machine.


Or you might be tempted to put your invisible braces in the washer thinking…


Hmmm…since I’m washing my clothes, I might as well wash my invisible braces as well. Yay for multi-tasking!




If you’ve thrown your invisible braces into the wash by accident (or on purpose), don’t try to wear them again because they have probably gone out of shape!


Get a new set of invisible braces as soon as possible to prevent your teeth from moving back to their original shape.

The easiest way to clean your aligners

No, you don’t need to soak your Zenyum Invisible Braces for hours nor brush them with your toothbrush and toothpaste.


People have broken invisible braces from scrubbing  at them too hard!


  • Simply put your invisible braces in a glass of lukewarm or cold water and drop 1 tablet of braces cleaner.
  • Let your invisible braces soak for 3 minutes and watch the colour turn blue.
  • Rinse out your invisible braces and they are good as new! 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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How to Clean Your Invisible Braces (The Zenyum Way)