5 November 2020

3 mins read

Giving You a Reason to “Zenyum”

Our mission at Zenyum is simple: We want to help you achieve a happy, confident and radiant smile that won’t break your bank.

Harnessing the power of 3D printing and thermoforming technology, Zenyum Invisible Braces are your solution to straighter teeth and a healthier bite. Our team of dental experts are dedicated to transforming each smile we treat.

Senyum in Bahasa means smile

Zenyum is Singapore’s very own answer to expensive dental braces and teeth aligners. Our solution is technologically advanced as it cuts unnecessary costs without compromising on quality. Most importantly it’s effective – with thousands of happy teeth already treated with our aligners. We are changing the dental game, one smile at a time.

How much do Zenyum aligners cost?

Priced from as low as RM 5,599 you can start your ZenyumClear Journey today!

Zenyum is committed to being extremely transparent about our fee structure. Once you qualify and accept our treatment plan, we are dedicated to delivering your smile just the way you want it. If you have worn our aligners as we’ve instructed but are not happy with the results, we will provide you with additional aligner sets, at no additional cost, to ensure that you achieve your best smile. 

A superior solution to aligning your smile

Our clear teeth aligners let you go about your day with as much comfort as possible. You can eat and drink just about anything and there are no restrictions. Just remember to take your aligners off before you do so! They are practically invisible; most people won’t even notice you wearing them. So, ditch the self-consciousness and get smiling!


The Zenyum solution was conceptualised for a busy lifestyle. While Zenyum is committed to the highest level of care standards for our patients, we also want to make treatment easy. That’s why we’ll check-in with you remotely on how your treatment is going and monitor your progress frequently. Of course, when you want to check-in in-person with one of our licensed doctors, we will facilitate this. Otherwise, regular check-ins, dedicated support and an entire community of dental experts is just a click away.

Please note that to qualify for Zenyum aligners, you need to have good oral hygiene and you should have all prior dental work like fillings or gum treatment done in advance. We also might require you to undergo scaling and polishing treatment before we can treat you. Our partner practices provide special offers for this.

The team behind your smile

Our team is made up of highly qualified dental experts, Malaysia-licensed orthodontists, experienced entrepreneurs, and creative digital marketers, who are dedicated to providing a simple, yet effective solution to straighter teeth in South-East-Asia. We created Zenyum because we believe your smile is worth it.

A lovely smile at a lovely price.


So, what’s stopping you?


Start your Zenyum journey now.

Free Your Smile Today

The straightest, widest, most uninhibited smile ever is waiting to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public (Trust us. They’ll never know what hit them).


WIll it be YOUR smile?

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Giving You a Reason to “Zenyum”