30 October 2020

3 mins read

Behind Your Smile – 4 Dental Care Myths Busted

1. White teeth are definitely healthy? Wrong!


While it is true that discolored teeth can be an early sign of poor health of the teeth, many conditions such as cavities can develop without any obvious discoloration.


Left untreated, these can progress and end up requiring more invasive treatment or even a root canal procedure.




The solution: make time for dental care! Try to schedule regular dental visits so these problems can be detected and nipped in the bud early on.


Conversely, if you’re wondering whether you can safely improve your teeth colour, you may ask a registered dentist for free online.

2. Brushing harder and longer makes my teeth cleaner? Wrong!

Brushing too hard or for too long can erode your gums or even enamel, the superficial protective layer of your teeth.


A gentle but comprehensive brush is a lot more effective in a long-term dental care regimen.


A good indicator that you’re brushing too hard is if you notice the bristles of your toothbrush splaying outward like a palm tree.


Ask your dentist during your next appointment for a positive demonstration of good brushing technique.

3. Crooked teeth/bad alignment can only be fixed in childhood? Wrong!

In fact, studies have shown that more adults are having treatment for bad alignment for cosmetic or medical reasons such as grinding teeth or “bruxism”.

However, metal and/or colored braces may not appear professional, particularly for those among us in client-facing roles or vocations that require long-periods of talking (rubbing of the inner cheek/lips against those metal bars over long periods can be painful, double ouch!)

Fortunately, newer clear braces cater to the needs of professionals. Transparent braces like Zenyum are priced more affordably and fit in perfectly with a hectic schedule.

4. I don’t need to floss if I brush my teeth regularly? Wrong!

Regular tooth brushes do not cover the crevices between your teeth well. Which means almost a third of the surface area of your teeth cannot be reached by brushing.


That’s right – old food and muck can collect for days in your mouth if you don’t floss.



TLDR: Start flossing!

Got more questions on dental care? Ask a Dr!

Many of you may be surprised by these dental care myths.


It can be a challenge wading through the tsunami of medical information available online, and sussing out what is actually true.


Fortunately, new digital health platforms like AskDr that are moderated by registered professionals provide a reliable source of information. If you have any further questions, ask a dental practitioner on AskDr’s dental space.

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Behind Your Smile – 4 Dental Care Myths Busted