11 February 2021

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4 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Aren’t Just Flowers

Here is a list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas you probably haven’t considered before! Ps: They last longer than flowers.

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Did you know that Valentine's Day has a different flavour in every country?

Yup! Although it is true that Valentine’s Day did originate in Western culture, the fact is this unofficial lovers’ day looks very different in other cultures and countries. 


In Finland, they call it “Friendship Day” where they celebrate not only romantic relationships but friendships. And in South Korea, they have what is called “Pepero Day” where couples exchange Pepero snacks on 11/11. Instead, on the 14/2, women give men chocolates! What a refreshing change. 


Either way, it’s nice to have an observed day for us to celebrate our partners and friends! Here is a list of gift ideas you probably haven’t considered before (and no – they don’t involve flowers):

Spice up your significant other’s work from home life

Can you believe we’ve been working from home for almost a year? If you still think it’s a passing phase, it’s probably time to rethink that makeshift laptop stand and plastic chair. Hybrid work arrangements are not going anywhere any time soon, so we might as well make the home office a productive and comfortable one!



Tired of “Can you hear me”s? You’d be surprised to find that headsets with mics are affordable.


Work From Home GIF by MOODMAN

Customise anything!

In this day and age, you can customise literally anything that comes to mind. So why not make your gift really special?

Phone cases are a subtle couple gift don’t you think?

Help your partner build good habits

Not every gift has to be a one-off thing. Some gifts – like cultivating a good habit – just keep on giving! 

Perhaps your partner has been looking to shed the pandemic weight they put on or purge their overflowing wardrobes. Why not empower them with gifts that support their new habit-forming routines? 

  • If your significant other has not changed their toothbrush since the dawn of time (because they’re still waiting for the last bristle to fall out) – they need a ZenyumSonic™ toothbrush intervention stat. Not only does this sonic toothbrush remove 21% more plaque and kill bacteria, but it has a built-in timer to ensure you brush for 2 minutes – as recommended by dentists.
  • With a plethora of fitness classes to choose from, Classpass is a great platform for anyone who wants to get their body moving.

Do you know that the average piece of clothing is worn just 7 times before it gets tossed? Style Theory will keep your inner clothes hoarder at bay.

Punny gifts with punny lines

Struggling to write something witty on your Valentine’s Day card? Just let your gift speak for itself. 

  • I love you to the moon and back (Moon light
  • Pack of highlighters because you’re the highlight of my life
  • Here’s a jar of raisins why I love you 
  • A pair of shoes for my sole-mate 
  • A journal for the most noteworthy person in my life


You get the drift…

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Start And End Your Day Thinking Of Each Other With Zenyum Sonic.

Gift a Sonic for the one that takes your breath away!

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4 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Aren’t Just Flowers