5 November 2020

3 mins read

4 Gadgets That Went From Manual To Electric (And Will Transform Your Personal Care Routine Forever)

It isn’t just computers, telecommunication, and cars that have advanced in the past few decades.


The gadgets we use for personal care have gotten better and faster.


You might be caught up on the latest TikTok trends and trending memes, but are you as up to date on your personal care gadgets?


Read on to find out which ones have made the leap from manual to electric (and if you’ve made the switch yet).

1. Shaver

The Dollar Shave Club may be a million-dollar manual shaver brand, but you can’t deny that electric shavers have a firm place in households today as a fast and convenient way to shave. Here are a few reasons why:

Electric shavers are a great long term investment

Electric shavers are much more durable and don’t have to be replaced as often as manual shavers, which helps save a lot more money in the long run.

Lesser nicks and cuts


Electric shavers can also help reduce nicks and cuts. If you’ve ever shaved, you’ll know it’s always the smallest cuts that hurt the most, so being able to avoid any of these nicks can greatly improve your shaving experience.

No shaving cream? No problem!

In addition, electric shavers remove the need for shaving cream or using water, you literally just need the shaver itself.

2. Electric hair clippers

Thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, thousands of people have had to play Mr Barber and learn to cut their hair or that of their family members at home.


Google searches for  “how to use clippers to cut hair” have gone up by 140%, and electric hair clippers are used by almost anyone at home looking to cut their hair.


That’s because electric hair clippers are undoubtedly much faster, convenient and safer to use especially if all you need is a basic trim as a stop-gap measure till the circuit-breaker ends.

3. Electric flosser

Alright, hands up – how many of you floss regularly?


25% of adults lie to their dentist about how often they floss, because we all know we should floss more than we actually do.


Lots of people are repulsed by the idea of having to pull a piece of string in between their teeth to get icky food bits out.


36% of people would rather wash dirty dishes, clean their toilet, wait in a long queue or sit in traffic than floss their teeth.


Thank god for electric flossers.


They use air or water to blast away the food bits between your teeth, similar to how your dentist would clean your teeth during a routine dental checkup. 


Best of all-electric flossers means you don’t have to mess around with dental floss while preventing the buildup of bacteria for a cleaner, healthier teeth.

4. Electric toothbrush

Think you know how to brush your teeth? Think again.


Most of you are brushing way too hard with your manual toothbrush.


And some are even brushing wrongly, brushing from side to side when you’re supposed to brush up and down.


Worst of all, most people don’t even brush for the recommended 2 minutes and aren’t making the effort to brush all corners of their mouth.


That’s right.


Even though you’ve brushed your teeth every day for your whole life, you probably can never do it as well as an electric toothbrush


Electric toothbrushes have multiple features that make it better than manual toothbrushes. For example, they apply a consistent amount of pressure and reach into all the corners of the mouth you can’t be bothered to clean, giving your teeth the power clean that they deserve.


And they are 21% better at removing plaque and 11% better at reducing the risk of gingivitis.


So, there you have it!


Four electric gadgets that’ll take your personal care routine to a whole new level (and they’re doing such a great job at it because they went from manual to electric).

Save 80% On Your Electric Toothbrush

While keeping all the features you love for cleaner and healthier teeth.

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4 Gadgets That Went From Manual To Electric (And Will Transform Your Personal Care Routine Forever)