10 November 2020

3 mins read

Zenyum Review: Toom’s Smile Journey with ZenyumClear™

Everyone’s invisible braces journey is unique and personalised. Find out how Zenyum helped our friend Toom to smile more with invisible braces.

Say “Hi” to Toom! Toom is a 48 year old second-hand car business owner from Thailand, who has a passion for travel, and discovering new and interesting foods and coffee. 

However, aside from being an avid traveller, Toom is a fitness junkie as well who loves a good sweat sesh in the gym and a 10km run.

One main concern Toom had with his smile was that his front teeth were crooked, which made him insecure and self-conscious when smiling with his teeth. Late in 2019, he decided to make a change. 

Why Invisible braces? Why Zenyum? 

Toom liked the convenience that invisible braces brought to the table, the ease of putting them in and out whenever you like helps to maintain high levels of hygiene as they can be cleaned very easily (unlike traditional metal braces where it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to clean since they’re stuck to your teeth). 

Toom found that using invisible braces kept his overall oral health in the best of conditions. So he didn’t need to worry about having stinky breath during his treatment.

After stumbling upon Zenyum, he realised that the price is reasonable and you can also choose to pay by installments with 0% interest. 

So he took the leap of faith.

Toom’s Journey with ZenyumClear™

Toom has already completed his journey with ZenyumClear™, but he had started seeing results way before his completion and to his pleasant surprise, his teeth started to straighten faster than expected. 

But don’t take it from us, see the results for yourself.

Before Zenyum

After a few months of treatment!👌👌👌

Toom’s once major insecurity has now became the source of his confidence

Seamless Adaptability

Contrary to popular belief, invisible braces have not affected much of Toom’s everyday routine at all.

“Even after seeing the doctor, it is not very different from my everyday routine.”

He could still do all the activities just the same as when he didn’t have any braces on. In fact it didn’t hinder him in any way and most of his friends didn’t even believe him when he said he had braces on.

Invisible braces fit in perfectly with his life. Just like how they fit perfectly on his teeth.

A Fearless Smile Begins With Straighter Teeth

Get professional, licensed dental supervision that includes X-Rays. Get Zenyum.

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Zenyum Review: Toom’s Smile Journey with ZenyumClear™