26 November 2020

3 mins read

Zenyum Review: How Izzudin Became A More Confident Smiler In Just 6 Months

In this Zenyum review, Izzudin shares how he transformed his smile in just 6 months, even though crooked teeth had plagued his self-confidence for years.

Izzudin was always a shy and unconfident smiler.


Every time he ate food or fruits like bananas and apples, he would always be painfully reminded of how crooked or uneven his bite mark was, especially his front teeth.


6 months ago, he decided to make a change.

“My front upper teeth was worst”

Everyone has their own reasons for getting a straighter smile. Some want to look their best for their special day.


Some are fed up of smiling openly only in certain angles (because crooked teeth tend to show up more prominently in others).


For Izzudin, it wasn’t just that his front upper teeth were crooked.


He was tired of putting off the problem.


You see, his crooked front upper teeth had been plaguing him for over 30 years.


Izzudin had always been aware of using metal or clear braces to change his smile but he had some doubts that sounded eerily familiar to us.

Izzudin had his doubts too...

“Am I too old to straighten my teeth?”, “Am I too old for metal braces?”, “Will this even work?”

But that didn’t stop him from taking action.


One night, he decided to finally do something about his 30 year-old problem.


He started searching online for clear aligner options.

So why ZenyumClear™ Aligners?

Price was a major decision factor for Izzudin.


He saw that many brands offered invisible braces at way too high prices.


Zenyum was the most reasonably priced”, he realised.


At that moment, he decided to take the plunge and start his smile journey with Zenyum.

Getting pre-assessed

Initially Izzudin had a number of concerns while filling out his free online pre-assessment.


He was worried that his teeth condition was too severe to treat.


There was also that tiny voice of doubt at the back of his head asking,


“Is this clear aligner thing even going to work?”


However, everything changed once Izzudin was approved for treatment.

Nothing good for you ever comes easy

It’s true.


And Izzudin’s Zenyum journey is a textbook example of why this age old axiom holds true to this day.


As he put it, “Have to be disciplined for 6 months. At first it was difficult.”


The main difficulty was in struggling to follow through with the schedules of using the invisible braces.


However, the Zenyum app allowed him to chat with his doctor at any time, and reminded him when to wear his braces. This made things way easier, and in no time, he was a proud and disciplined Zenyum user.

“I feel quite disciplined. I never forgot to wear it. Not even a day”.

Eventually he started seeing changes.


2 months in, he looked in the mirror and found a noticeable difference with his teeth. He was overjoyed!


The best part?


He wasn’t the only person who noticed his change. When he showed his siblings and family members the improvements his smile made, they too shared in his joy.

“WOW... I just smiled and showed my siblings. They saw the difference too and were happy for me.”

Izzudin was now more motivated than ever to achieve his best smile with Zenyum.

Still Shy. But definitely smiling more often

Before Zenyum…
After Zenyum

Now towards the end of his 6 month Zenyum journey, Izzudin, who couldn’t bear to look at his crooked bite marks every time he bit into a banana, is happier than ever with his new and improved smile.

He remains a shy guy.

But he’s definitely breaking out into an irrepressible smile more often than usual.

Want To Start Smiling More Like Izzudin?

Get a free pre-assessment now with Zenyum.

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Zenyum Review: How Izzudin Became A More Confident Smiler In Just 6 Months