22 April 2021

3 mins read

Zenyum Invisible Braces can now do more—meet ZenyumClear™ Plus

ZenyumClear Plus—what can this new invisible braces treatment plan do for more people who are looking to straighten their teeth without a hefty price tag.

Happy ZenyumClear Plus customer

If you’ve been looking for a discreet way to improve your smile, you would’ve likely heard of us. For the uninitiated, ZenyumClear™ Aligners are 3D-printed invisible braces that correct misalignments in teeth—a godsend for those who want to avoid having brackets and wires stuck in their mouths. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Here’s where it gets better. We’ve grown our capabilities to help even more people achieve their best smile—with a treatment plan developed for more complex teeth straightening needs, ZenyumClear™ Plus Aligners. And yes, we’ve still kept the costs low compared to alternatives in the market.


So, what are the differences between ZenyumClear Plus and ZenyumClear?

As the name suggests, ZenyumClear Plus is the more complex treatment plan developed to correct a wider range of teeth misalignments, helping more people attain their desired smile.

How exactly does ZenyumClear Plus differ from ZenyumClear? Let us show you how they stack up, so you have a better idea of what you’re in for when our dentists recommend either treatment plan.

Treatment scope

If minor teeth adjustments are what you need, ZenyumClear Aligners would fit the bill. This treatment plan focuses on simple movements of the first top and bottom ten teeth, creating spaces to guide them into their new positions. Do mild overjet (also known as buck teeth), crowding, minor gaps in teeth or crooked teeth sound like your teeth concerns? If yes, our dentists will probably suggest the less intensive ZenyumClear Aligners for you.  

Piggybacking on ZenyumClear, ZenyumClear Plus Aligners cater for bigger movements of all teeth, including the back teeth, and are effective in correcting a wider range of issuesfrom large overjets and severe crowding, to large spaces and tipped teeth.

Additional features

While ZenyumClear Aligners use minimal to no attachments, ZenyumClear Plus Aligners may come with additional features such as attachments, buttons and elastics as more complex cases require more complex movements.

Zenyum clear aligners with elastics and attachments

Another clear difference is that the ZenyumClear Plus treatment plan may involve extractions when necessary in order to create complex teeth movements. On the other hand, ZenyumClear Aligners treat more straightforward cases that do not require extractions.


With the goal of making dream smiles accessible to an ever growing number of people, we strive on keeping prices as low as possible. For this reason, a more confident smile via ZenyumClear Aligners will only set you back by $13,800.

We’ve kept this same pricing philosophy for ZenyumClear Plus Aligners, which is why for this more advanced treatment plan, the price is capped at $22,800. In fact, based on the recommended treatment plan developed specifically for you, it may cost only $19,800. This will depend on how much correction is required to achieve your dream smile.

Treatment time

For straightforward cases such as ex-braces wearers, you’d be happy to know that your ZenyumClear Journey can take a mere three months with ZenyumClear Aligners. If you require extractions and significant attachments with ZenyumClear Plus Aligners, you can expect your treatment to last a little longer, from 8 to 15 months.


Simply put, the more aligner sets you need, the longer your treatment time will be. We are dedicated to providing you with a smile you will be proud of flashing, which is why we will not skip steps or rush the process at your detriment.

Rest assured that it’s all worth the wait! You’ll be proud of yourself for committing to a better smile once you start seeing results.

Not sure which treatment plan you need?

Take our free assessment and our dentists will recommend the plan to best suit your needs.

Yes, it’s just that simple to get the smile you’ve always wanted, so get started now.

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Zenyum Invisible Braces can now do more—meet ZenyumClear™ Plus