4 January 2021

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The Zenyum Experience: What Changes With Clear Aligners?

How does your life change after wearing aligners? Read on to find out some of the big changes you need to adapt to.

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Welcome to the aligner club. Wearing clear aligners can require you to make changes in your lifestyle to adapt to your new BFFs that you can’t live without.


Here are some changes when you start your Zenyum journey.

Uploading photos every 10 days

“Patients are then monitored via the Zenyum app, where they upload a photo of their teeth every five days. This helps to ensure compliance and proper tracking of the aligners. This use of technology ensures that your progress is monitored without needing you to make trips to the clinic – how smart!”

If you love taking selfies and sending them to all of your friends, this might come naturally to you. You’ll have to take a photo of your teeth and upload them to the Zenyum app every ten days so that your progress can be monitored.

Removing your clear aligners before every meal

“The invisible braces didn't help me lose weight though, I thought I would be too lazy to remove them to eat but I was wrong hahas. Even though it's the festive season and I've been dining out more often, it's not that troublesome to be on the treatment as they are easy to remove and wear back.”

You have to remember to take off your clear aligners before every meal and fortunately it’s easy to remove your clear aligners and put them back on. Some people even forget to take them off because they can’t feel their clear aligners when they’re wearing them. Take them off if you are drinking anything other than plain water.

Unlike metal braces, you also don’t have to avoid sticky foods and you just have to floss afterwards before putting your clear aligners back on.

Discomfort from wearing new sets of aligners

“I've also learnt a trick to cut down on the discomfort — changing aligners at night and sleeping through the pain, so that by the time I'm awake, my teeth have had some time to get used to the soreness. On the topic of pain, I don't have to deal with some common problems "metal mouths" face such as ulcers and sores from cuts by exposed wires or sharp edges.”

It’s normal to experience some pain and discomfort during the first few days of wearing a new set of aligners. Your teeth and mouth need time to get used to the new pressure applied by the aligners to shift them into straighter positions.

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Changing trays every one or two weeks

Depending on your treatment plan, you’ll change to a new set of clear aligners every one or two weeks. You’ll receive all the aligners you need in the beginning so that you don’t have to visit the dentist each time you change your aligners. You simply have to upload a photo of your teeth via the Zenyum app and let your dentist know if you’re experiencing any issues.

You’ll also receive reminders via the app when it’s time to change your aligners so that you stay on track.

Straightening Teeth Is Easier With Zenyum

Less time in the dentist chair. No compromise in dental care.

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The Zenyum Experience: What Changes With Clear Aligners?