6 January 2021

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The Timeline For The Perfect Wedding Smile

Your smile is essential for your wedding day. Here’s a timeline for you to prep your wedding smile!

It takes a lot to plan a wedding. You have to scour for wedding venues, try on a million outfits  and even balance expectations from both families. Many couples also commit to a fitness regime months before their wedding to look their best. Similarly, a great smile takes time to achieve. 


Here’s the wedding beauty timeline to prepare your smile for the hundreds of photos you’ll take on the big day:

One year before: Start your invisible braces journey

If you’ve been wanting to straighten your smile, your wedding is a big enough reason to do so.  Simply fill out an initial survey and get a free online Smile Assessment to determine your suitability for ZenyumClear™ Aligners or ZenyumClear™ Plus Aligners

If your teeth are deemed to be suitable, you will go for a paid dental consultation ($1,500) to get a teeth scan, X-rays and a physical assessment. After which, your treating dentist will devise a treatment plan for you before you decide to embark on your clear aligners journey.

Nine months before: Maintain your dental hygiene and track your progress on the Zenyum app

Your progress will be tracked by your treating dentist via the Zenyum app. You can also ask questions without having to go to the clinic. If you accidentally break your aligners, you could reach out to your dentist via the app immediately for advice.

While you’re at it, ensure to maintain your dental hygiene to avoid the buildup of plaque and bacteria that can cause bad breath and yellow teeth.

An easy way to achieve this would be through the ZenyumSonic™ Toothbrush. It vibrates 10 times more than a typical electric toothbrush, removing plaque more effectively. The ZenyumSonic™ Toothbrush times your brushing as well, ensuring that you brush for a full two minutes.

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Three months before: Transition to retainers and upkeep dental hygiene

ZenyumClear™ Aligners’ treatment typically lasts 3-9 months. To maintain your hard work, please remember to wear your retainers before you go to sleep every night. 


Keep up your dental hygiene too, it’s more important than before now that the date is near!

One month before: Consider whitening your pearly whites

Book a dental consultation to get your whitening trays fitted. With ZenyumBright™, your dedicated dentist will perform a teeth scan and inform you of the do’s and dont’s during the treatment process.

Once you receive your ZenyumBright™ Starter Kit (usually delivered within 30 days) you’re ready to brighten your smile!

Your wedding day

You’ve worked hard over the past year on yourself, enjoy your day with your confident smile! Give yourself a pat on the back for committing to a better smile over the year.

Get Your Smile Ready For Your Wedding Day

ZenyumBright™ will unleash your brightest, most beautiful smile for one of the most important days of your life.

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The Timeline For The Perfect Wedding Smile