5 November 2020

3 mins read

The Easiest Way to Regain a Perfect Smile in 2020

How important is a smile to you? Click in and check out how Zenyum regain your smile in a more comfortable and convenient way!

“Just like me, a lot of people had worn braces before, yet their teeth shifted over time and it made their smiles not perfect anymore. Zenyum is definitely a great solution to go for if they want to regain their perfect smile.”

How important is a smile to you? Have you experienced tough days or even years wearing braces, waiting for your teeth to shift over time? There is a more comfortable and convenient solution for you to regain your perfect smile now!

The painstaking journey towards a perfect smile

“I hope that every person will smile when they see me.” 

For a sports reporter like Kannas who always has to meet a lot of different people and face cameras, a perfect smile is critically important. But it was never easy for Kannas to attain a perfect smile. 

Back in the old days, invisible braces were not as prevalent as now. Not really a lucky one, Kannas could barely eat and faced difficulties talking before her teeth were aligned.  

At last, she ended up wearing orthodontics headgear - an obstrusive device made of wire that fits around the back and top of your head.

Katy Perry wearing orthodontic headgear - Source: https://www.freshorthodontics.com/best-braces-moments-pop-culture-history/

Those 3 years were so long and agonizing that she almost gave up the treatment. 8 years later, Kannas spotted a minor crooked tooth as her teeth had shifted over time.  

Seeking straighter teeth, Kannas took the opportunity to regain a perfect smile -and kick-started her Zenyum smile journey.

5 months progress with Zenyum invisible Braces

Regaining a perfect smile can be hassle-free

Already on her second teeth-aligning journey, Kannas really appreciated how relaxed the whole treatment was. 

For an influencer like Kannas, she was particularly pleased when ZenyumClear™ Aligners didn’t affect her appearance and daily life at all, even when she’s working on camera or hanging out with friends! Not only were they invisible, they could always be removed and put on effortlessly.  

Sounds too good to be true? 

“Wearing ZenyumClear™ Aligners doesn’t affect my appearance and daily life. It makes my teeth straight and makes me feel more confident, in an easier and more convenient way.”

Since Kannas began her smile journey, she has been sharing it with people around her. She believes it’s an excellent chance for everyone who wants to perfect their teeth even though they have worn braces before.  

Especially those busy bees with a packed schedule like her (and many others like Alex).

With Zenyum’s one-of-a-kind app, it’s so handy to track her progress towards her treatment goal with all the teeth photos recorded in the app.

Your perfect smile is just one tap away 🙂

She could quickly reach Zenyum’s Customer Care team for any customer enquiries, getting personal care and feedback anytime, anywhere.  

In just 5 months, Kannas has already regained her perfect smile! 

We’re so glad to see Kannas finally smile her most uninhibited grin for the entire world to see. Hungry for more stories like this? Let Natalie tell you why Wearing Braces Can Be Easy-peasy!

You too can regain a perfect smile the easiest way ever. Start your smile journey with our FREE pre-assessment below!

Double tap to watch Kannas’ smile journey interview below!

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The Easiest Way to Regain a Perfect Smile in 2020