12 March 2021

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Pros and cons: What you need to know about Zenyum | Zenyum HK

Considering invisible braces? Here are the pros and cons of upgrading your smile with Zenyum Invisible Braces.

92% of adults agree that an attractive (not perfect) smile is an important social asset, so upgrading your smile with clear aligners may be one of the most important investments you make. However, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options out there. 


To help you make an informed decision, here are the pros and cons of Zenyum Invisible Braces:


1. You don't have to worry about dental hygiene

Because clear braces are removable, you will be able to brush and floss your teeth with ease. The small spaces around teeth created by metal braces trap food particles and eventually lead to plaque and bacteria growth, leading to white spot lesions. They are white spots that are commonly left on an ex-braces wearer’s teeth due to brushing difficulties… not what you’re looking for after having worked so hard on your smile.

2. Clear aligners look natural

While many want straighter teeth, not many are willing to ruin their smile temporarily with traditional metal braces for 2-3 years. Clear aligners provide a natural look and are barely noticeable while still delivering the same results. It is a great alternative especially for professionals who depend on a nice smile.

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3. No hidden fees, and a fraction of the cost!

Metal braces can cost you anywhere between $25,000 to $40,000 while ceramic braces cost at least $38,000. Other clear aligner brands can cost $25,000+ on average.

Because Zenyum cuts unnecessary production costs by streamlining supply chains, Zenyum Invisible Braces can be made more affordable at the $13,800 – $22,800 range.

Zenyum’s treatment cost starts from $13,800, excluding a dental consultation fee of $1,500 and retainers ($1,800) to maintain your smile. Fret not, there are no hidden or ranging prices, fees are fixed.

4. You get dental supervision round the clock support with minimal dental visits

Throughout your treatment, you would only have to visit one of our dentist partners 2-3 times for consultation, teeth scans and aligner fitting. Unlike other clear aligner brands where you have to visit the dentist every 4-6 weeks, your progress will be monitored via the Zenyum app

Through the Zenyum app, you’d also be able to communicate with your treating dentist and seek support at any time. If you lose or break your clear aligners by accident, fret not and simply report through the app. There’s no need to wait till the next working day!


1. You might experience some pain

It’s normal to experience some pain and soreness when wearing clear aligners for the first time. The pain actually signals that your teeth are shifting the way you want them to! Your mouth and teeth will need time to get used to them.


Here’s a pro tip: wear new sets of aligners at night and sleep off the discomfort, you’ll feel much better in the morning.

2. Zenyum is only meant for those with mild to moderate cases of crooked teeth

Clear braces cannot correct severe cases of crooked teeth, and this is a limitation of clear braces not unique to Zenyum. For example, there are cases where canines grow on the gums otherwise known as impacted canines. For such cases, other forms of teeth straightening like metal braces would be more suitable to cater for longer and more complicated treatments. 

Did you know that smiles are so unique, dental records are used to identify people in forensic science? At Zenyum, we work to make you feel the best in your own unique smile.

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Pros and cons: What you need to know about Zenyum | Zenyum HK