2 December 2020

3 mins read

Let The Professionals Do The Job!

Getting clear aligners? Here's why you should let professionals do the job!

“In my opinion, the supervision by dentists is really crucial for teeth-straightening, after all, dentistry is a highly respected profession. It’s not as simple as just buying clothes or shoes; which can be a waste of money at times, but because it can potentially create irreversible damages to my teeth if not handled by a professional”  

— Tracy Kwok


If done correctly, teeth-straightening can really be a life-changing transformation.


We all know that it helps improve your physical appearance, but did you know that it also boosts confidence, improves oral health and helps attract positive attention from people around you?


SERIOUSLY, what’s not to like about that! Having said that, this life-changing process should definitely be supervised by professional dentists to ensure a safe and reliable treatment goes ahead for you, and most importantly professionally designed final outcome.


I mean, “why not put your fate in the hands of professionals at a good value?”
An easy decision for Tracy, who is a beauty expert and chose Zenyum’s solution among other alternatives.


It’s commonly seen that some people who want to straighten their teeth stay on the fence because of the time, money, and effort associated with the treatment.


Tracy is one of them especially because she knew she only needed minor adjustments for her incisor and lower front teeth. When Zenyum’s ad came up on her Instagram story, it quickly clicked in her mind, pretty much “a solution that can meet all her needs, as it is affordable, invisible, professional and convenient”.

“I enjoy the service and product very much and did recommend it to my friends, but they weren’t as lucky as me because as they didn’t qualify for Zenyum’s solution.”
Tracy Kwok

One thing that Tracy found especially remarkable is Zenyum’s smile simulation! The smile simulation is generated after taking a 3D scan at the dentist and is able to show you a preview and the process of achieving a new smile.


Tracy shared it with her friends and family as she was over the moon when she anticipated her smile transformation. She revealed that some of her friends actually went for Zenyum as well, but unfortunately didn’t qualify for the treatment solution, ending up with other less preferable options on the market.


It was clear to Tracy, no-doctor-no-go, simply too casual and unprofessional to meet her expectations. (We definitely agree, say NO to DIY orthodontics).


“I am impressed by the follow-up from Zenyum, they would remind me to switch the aligners – makes me feel well taken care of! ”


People often say that good customer service is the key to a successful business.


As a part of the smile cosmetics industry, customer care like a follow-up is particularly important in Zenyum.


Tracy said that the customer service Zenyum provides made her feel taken care of,  reminding her to switch aligners, giving her seasonal greetings, etc, allowing her to have a heart-warming and pleasant teeth-straightening experience.

Free Your Smile Today!

The straightest, widest, most uninhibited smile ever is waiting to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public (Trust us. They’ll never know what hit them).


Will it be YOUR smile?

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Let The Professionals Do The Job!