13 November 2020

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How To Wear And Remove Your Invisible Braces The Right Way

Do you know how to wear and remove your ZenyumClear™ Aligners? Here's how you can do it in a few simple steps.

How To Wear Invisible Braces

Step 1: Know which invisible braces to wear

If you’re preparing to wear your aligners make sure you’re actually holding the right pair for the stage you’re at.

You don’t want to be wearing the wrong aligner because that will throw your teeth alignment off completely!

Thankfully, ZenyumClear™ Aligners are clearly colour tagged so there’s less chance of getting confused. 


Wearing the wrong aligner will throw your teeth alignment off completely!

Step 2: Start with your front teeth and work your way to the back

Gently push the aligner onto your front teeth.

Use your fingertips to apply equal pressure to the back of your teeth to push the rest of the aligner into place.

You should feel them snap into place. Just like a jigsaw puzzle!

It’s normal for a new set of aligners to feel tight so you may need to use a little more pressure at first to push them into place.

Step 3: Use your chewies!

Don’t use your teeth to bite the aligners into place as that can crack the aligners. 

Whenever you wear your invisible braces, bite down on your chewies for about a minute.

Chewies help to remove any air gaps between your aligners and teeth and make your aligners sit on your teeth properly. This makes sure they’re effective in moving the teeth.


Use chewies instead of your teeth to bite the aligners into place

How To Remove Invisible Braces

Step 1: Start with the molars

Use your fingertips on the inside of your molars to pull the aligner out. 


Again if you’re wearing a new set, this might take more pressure but be careful not to exert too much force or your aligners might crack. 


If you get frustrated, take a deep breath and try again. You’ll be taking them off swiftly in no time.


Plus, it’ll soon get easier as your teeth get straighter!

Step 2: Work your way to the front

Once you’ve loosened your aligners from the molars, use your fingertips to work their way towards the front of your teeth to completely remove the invisible braces.

Step 3: Clean and store your invisible braces

Once you have them off, don’t just chuck them aside, you may risk losing your invisible braces. Always store them safely in your braces case. And don’t forget to clean your clear braces


Ideally you should brush your teeth and rinse your mouth before putting your invisible braces back on.


If you accidentally crack or break your aligners while putting them on or removing them, contact Zenyum’s support team on the Zenyum app immediately and seek advice. 

Free your smile today!

The journey of a beautiful smile begins with a single step with Zenyum.

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