21 October 2020

3 mins read

How to Spend 70% Less on Invisible Braces (And Get Quality Care with a Licensed Dentist in person)

Zenyum makes quality aligners 70% more affordable to you. Want's more? Click in and check it out!

When it comes to getting a perfect smile, quality care under a Hong Kong licensed dentist or orthodontist is a must. Here’s how Zenyum makes quality aligners 70% cheaper than alternatives.

Discounts often leave a bad taste in your mouth. Want to know why? It’s because nine out of ten times, a jaw-dropping discount comes with jaw-breaking blows to the underlying product’s quality. 

So when we see something on sale with a ridiculously low price, our intuition tells us, “It’s too good to be true. Something’s off.”  

And nine times out of ten, our intuition serves us well. But every now and then, a smart deal does come our way (like how quality invisible braces now costs 70% cheaper than alternative teeth-straightening treatments!)

 Sounds impossible? At times like this, you need something more than intuition. Some hard facts to help you answer the number one question on your mind:

How can Zenyum Invisible Braces be 70% more affordable?

We treat various teeth straightening needs.  

Zenyum can be utilised across a wide spectrum of patient profiles from straightforward cases such as ex-braces wearers to complex cases such as severe crowding. Not sure if you’re eligible?

With our quick, free online pre-assessment, we lower the risk and variation by narrowing down the scope of the treatment. You waste less time ploughing through complicated – and expensive – treatment packages when all you need is a minor aesthetic correction.  

Everyone wins.


Empowering dentists with digital tools

We empower Hong Kong licensed dentists and orthodontists with the right technology and digital tools to make sure you are always taken care of at every stage of your treatment. No DIY orthodontics here!

Zenyum App

With a streamlined online process, you get a qualified dental professional to check in on your teeth-straightening at regular intervals – minus the hassle and the booking of regular check-ups at local licensed dental clinics is just a few clicks away!  

The best part? No more extra fees wearing braces! 

What else does Zenyum do differently?

We centralize our aligner production here in the region. This means we 

  • reduce our carbon footprint, 
  • lower logistics costs and 
  • speed up turnaround time.

In other words, we pass on the savings to you, so you can smile your most perfect smile (even when you check your bank balance). 

What you can get (actually something more) starting from $13,800!

To sweeten the deal, if you’re not a hundred percent happy with your treatment outcome, we’ll provide you with extra sets of aligners at no extra cost. Click here to find out how it works. 

Ready to break into a better-than-perfect smile without breaking the bank? Get started with our free online pre-assessment below. Our Hong Kong Licensed Dentists and Orthodontists are standing by at every stage of your treatment to give you the straightest, healthiest smile possible! 

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How to Spend 70% Less on Invisible Braces (And Get Quality Care with a Licensed Dentist in person)