21 October 2020

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Getting Zenyum Invisible Braces? Here’s What Actually Happens From Start To Finish

We’re all about being upfront with you. Here’s the lowdown on what actually happens when you get our affordable Invisible Braces.

For many of us, straight teeth don’t come naturally (including, reportedly Tom Cruise) and we have to resort to orthodontic treatments to get a perfectly straight set of pearly whites. With more clear aligner brands promising you a confident new smile, with next to no transparency on what actually happens, we think you deserve better. 


What can you expect when you sign up for Zenyum? 

Getting Zenyum Invisible Braces? Here’s What Actually Happens From Start To Finish

At Zenyum we want to make it easy for you. 

We’re there every step of the way trying to make it a hassle free journey, so all you have to focus on is your smile! 

Here’s an in depth, step by step breakdown of what actually happens in your Zenyum journey so you know exactly what you’re getting into. The Zenyum process comprises of six main steps:

  1. Pre-assessment
  2. Consultation
  3. Treatment Planning
  4. Payment
  5. Fitting
  6. Progress Tracking


Every Zenyum journey starts off with an online survey.

You answer some basic questions about your teeth so our council of doctors and orthodontists can better judge your suitability. The most crucial aspect of the survey are your pre-assessment photos. These are key in determining if you’re an ideal candidate for Zenyum or not. If you’re wondering how to take them, here’s a step by step breakdown.

The pre-assessment is completely free, done online and compulsory. Only candidates deemed suitable for Zenyum Invisible Braces are booked into consultation sessions.

This means 

  • You save time and money
  • We help you manage expectations right from the very beginning of your Zenyum journey
  • Less guesswork. You get 100% transparency right from the get-go


Take our FREE Smile Assessment.  No strings-attached. No hidden-fees. For REAL. 


Getting Zenyum Invisible Braces? Here’s What Actually Happens From Start To Finish

Once pre-assessed and considered suitable, the next step in the journey is booking you in for an in-clinic consultation.

The initial consultation comprises tooth scans, X-rays and a physical assessment done by a Hong Kong licensed dentist. The consultation costs  $1,500.

For more details about the locations of clinics, feel free to contact our Zenyum team for more information.

The teeth scan taken during the consultation is what is used to map out how your teeth will move over time. You will know the result of your consultation in 2-3 weeks. Sometimes, even if you have passed the pre-assessment, you might not be a suitable candidate (though this happens rarely).

This is why the initial in-clinic consultation is crucial in assessing your suitability.

The X-rays and teeth scan help the doctors better assess your teeth conditions and spot anything they might not have caught from your pre-assessment photos. Do note that if after consultation you’re either not deemed a suitable candidate or you decide on your own accord that Zenyum isn’t the right solution for you, the cost of the consultation isn’t refundable.

This is because consultation fees go directly to the clinic — not Zenyum — and are used to cover the base cost of the scans, X-rays and doctor’s in-chair time.


Getting Zenyum Invisible Braces? Here’s What Actually Happens From Start To Finish

Your tooth scan is used to create a 3D simulation of your smile journey, that predicts teeth movement over the course of your treatment. 

Teeth straightening is a highly personalised process and Zenyum provides you the ability to personalise your treatment plans to match your ideal smile. No two Zenyum treatment plans are the same, as they are uniquely customised for each customer. 

Your treatment plan is designed by our orthodontists and delivered to you as a link, once it has been approved by your treating doctor. The teeth simulation is in line with your specific treatment goals that you stated either in your survey or consultation session. 

The treatment plan is free of charge, irrespective of whether you go ahead with Zenyum Invisible Braces or not. 

It is also customisable and you’re free to let us know what changes you’d like to make to it – we will try to deliver the closest results to your expectations as long as they are something our solution can achieve realistically. 

Transparency is paramount to us, hence we like to be upfront in every step of the process about what we can and cannot treat. 

Like every invisible braces solution, ours comes with its own limitations. We aim to give you a perfect, confident smile but also don’t want to mislead you by committing to something our solution can’t achieve. This transparency and honesty is something we apply in all our processes, like pricing,  and why our customers love us! 


Once you are happy with your treatment plan, we send you a payment link to make your Invisible Braces relationship official 💍.

Starting from $13,800, Zenyum Invisible Braces allow you to save up to 70% than using other clear aligner brands on the market.

And because we know that the definition of “affordable” differs for everyone, we provide two payment options for our Invisible Braces:

  1. A one-time payment
  2. Monthly installments

Once payment is confirmed, your aligners are sent into production and you receive them within 3 week.

Check out our thorough pricing breakdown here


Getting Zenyum Invisible Braces? Here’s What Actually Happens From Start To Finish

Your aligners are produced and shipped to the clinic after three weeks.

We then book you in for a fitting appointment with your doctor. In this appointment you try on your aligners to see if they fit correctly – if any changes have to be made to the fit the doctor will ship the aligners back to our labs to get them re-printed, at no cost to you.

At the fitting session you might undergo a procedure called Interproximal Reduction, also called IPR, which involves shaving your teeth to create small gapps, by reducing the size of the teeth by not more than ½ mm. These gaps allow for proper movement during teeth straightening procedures and prevent overcrowding. It is a common procedure used in most clear aligner treatments, and for some cases eliminates the need for extractions.

By creating space for your teeth to move, your dentist is ensuring a smoother teeth straightening experience with lesser risks and more guaranteed results.


Getting Zenyum Invisible Braces? Here’s What Actually Happens From Start To Finish

Once you’ve got your Invisible Braces you’re pretty much ready to go about your daily activities as per normal.

The only difference is you must wear your aligners for 20-22 hours throughout the day. Our Zenyum app will help monitor your compliance with aligner wear and regular switches to new sets, to ensure your treatment is progressing according to plan. You can also chat with your dentist or our customer care team instantly and directly, via the app.

By ensuring regular communication and following up, Zenyum is even more involved in tracking your treatment’s progress than other solutions that only check in on their patients every couple of months. If you wish to consult your doctor, that can be arranged, providing you with the flexibility of both on-the-go and in-clinic check-ins.

Zenyum really is with you, every step of the way during your smile transformation journey!


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Getting Zenyum Invisible Braces? Here’s What Actually Happens From Start To Finish