24 November 2020

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Getting Invisible Braces? Stay Away From Sellers Operating From Co-Working Spaces

Does your invisible braces provider operate out of a co-working space? It could be dangerous for you. Find out why here.

You’ve had enough of tight-lipped smiles in front of the camera and have decided to invest in invisible braces to achieve that perfect smile you’ve always been dreaming of.

You visit their website, book your appointment, check the address… and it’s a co-working space.

Wait. What?

The fact is, teeth straightening is serious business. It requires intensive specialised training to learn how teeth move, recognise the alignment of the face and jaw, as well as prescribe the right corrective treatment needed for each individual case.

This is why it’s highly recommended that you see a dentist or orthodontist in-person at a licensed clinic. You want your treatment plan to be developed based on informed decisions made by certified professionals.

Why you shouldn't get DIY braces

Here’s what to expect when you go with a safe aligners treatment.

  1. You head to a licensed clinic instead of a co-working space.
  2. You get both a teeth scan and X-ray done in a sterile environment by a certified professional, not just a teeth scan in a possibly unsterile setting.
  3. You receive a thorough, unrushed, in-person consultation with a dentist or orthodontist.

That’s why you’re getting so much more when you trust your smile with a safe aligners treatment provider.

DIY putty impression kits are unreliable

putty impression kit

Sometimes, an invisible braces seller even sends you a DIY putty impression kit so you can take an impression of your teeth yourself at home.

This means you: 

  • Mix your own putty for the impression mould, 
  • Attempt to successfully take your own teeth impression,
  • Mail the impression back to your provider,
  • Get your invisible braces in the mail, 
  • Without ever seeing an orthodontist or dentist in the process.

That’s far from optimal and may result in a less desirable experience – and outcome – for you.

Why isn't this ideal?

Moving teeth isn’t just about getting them into a straight line. Invisible braces also affect your bite and jaw alignment. Orthodontic and dental supervision is important because your treatment progress should be monitored, so that any issues that arise can be addressed as soon as possible. 

Always remember when evaluating your treatment options that there are some conditions that cannot be corrected by DIY clear aligners.

Why choose a provider that includes supervision by actual dentists and orthodontists?

You wouldn’t hire a personal trainer to draw up a training plan for you to hit your fitness goals only to never see him or her again.

So why would you do that with your teeth?

Your invisible braces journey will take 3-9 months, so you’ll most likely have questions that only a qualified dentist or orthodontist can answer. Having an in-depth understanding of your teeth, ensuring your invisible braces fit exactly the way they should for maximised effectiveness, and closely monitoring your progress, are only some of the numerous responsibilities that orthodontic and dental professionals have.

And they do all this from a licensed dental facility that adheres to the highest health and safety standards – no exceptions, no compromise.

“Why does a simple scan need so much sterilisation???”

Clinics in Hong Kong have strict sterilisation procedures for a reason.

We’re talking multiple rounds – including a final round of steam sterilisation to remove bacterial spores. That means they need to be equipped to handle all that sterilisation in the first place.

So if your invisible braces provider plays with dental scanning equipment out of a co-working space, it’s important to ask yourself how and where do they sterilise everything the way a proper clinic does.

When it comes to your teeth and well-being, it’s imperative that you always err on the side of caution.

This is why we ensure that you have to visit a Hong Kong licensed dental clinic with certified orthodontists and dentists, so you can achieve that perfect smile, with perfect peace of mind.

Zenyum Works With Dentists And Orthodontists

Now that will set your mind at ease.

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