29 December 2020

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Clear Do’s And Don’ts For Your Clear Aligners

Upgrading your smile has never been easier! But do you know how to give your clear aligners the proper tender loving care? Here are the do’s and don'ts for Zenyum Invisible Braces.

Now that you’ve gone through your free smile assessment and received your clear aligners, you’re ready to upgrade your smile. Before you begin the Zenyum experience, take a moment to read up on the do’s and don’ts of wearing and maintaining your clear aligners to get the most out of straightening your teeth.

DO: Wear the right aligners

Wearing the wrong set of aligners at different stages of the straightening process can actually mess with the current alignment of your teeth! So before you wear your aligners, make sure that you’re using the right pair for the stage you’re at.

Fortunately, Zenyum Invisible Braces clearly indicate the stage based on which part of the straightening process you’re at. 

This will save you the hassle of scrambling to find the right aligners at different stages of the process.

DO: Start with your front teeth

When putting on your aligners, gently press the aligners onto your front teeth and slowly make your way to the back.


You should feel the aligners snap right into place since they are made just for you! It is perfectly fine if your shiny new aligners are a little tight at first, but just apply slightly more pressure to push them into place.


To remove the aligners, simply do the opposite by using your fingertips to pull them out starting with your molars and work your way to the front. Likewise, new aligners can be a little difficult to remove, but with enough practice, you’ll be getting them off like a pro in no time!


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DO: Clean your aligners regularly

After removing your aligners, always remember to clean them before keeping them safely in your braces case so that you don’t lose them.

The cleaning process is just as simple as putting the aligners on. No, you don’t have to brush your aligners tirelessly nor soak them for hours.

  • All you have to do is grab a glass of lukewarm or cold water and add 1 tablet of the aligner cleaner.
  • Next, leave the aligners to soak for 3 minutes.
  • Once the colour turns blue, remove the aligners, rise them and they’re as good as new!

DON’T: Use hot water to clean aligners

You may think you’re getting the most out of cleaning your aligners with hot water by sterilising them at the same time. But hot water can actually cause the plastic to warp and ruin your aligners!

Once the aligners are warped, they are no longer in the right shape and you probably can’t wear them anymore. And after all that money you’ve spent, you can no longer enjoy the full benefits of the Zenyum experience.

DON’T: Bite on your aligners

If you’re facing trouble wearing your aligners, don’t bite them into place! This can cause your aligners to crack.


Instead, use the chewies that were provided and bite down on them for about 1 minute.


The chewies will remove any air gaps between your teeth and the aligners to ensure that they sit properly and are effective in straightening your teeth.


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DON’T: Forget about wearing retainers

Retainers are just as essential in the teeth straightening process as aligners as they help to keep your teeth in place once the process is complete.

Not wearing your retainers after the straightening process can actually cause your teeth to revert to its original position.

To prevent this, check with your dentist and order your retainers a few weeks in advance before your treatment is over so that you can use them immediately. An added bonus would be that you can fearlessly show off your upgraded smile as soon as possible!

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