26 November 2020

3 mins read

4 Tips Not To Lose Your Invisible Braces

Lost your invisible braces? It’s going to set you back on your journey towards a straight set of teeth. Here are 4 easy tips so you don’t lose them.

Losing your invisible braces is a pain. 


Because you’re not wearing them anymore, your teeth will start to shift and all the hard work you’ve put in the past couple of months will go down the drain.


The best way to avoid all this hassle is to NOT lose your invisible braces!


Here are 4 golden tips for you.

Tip #1: Always bring your invisible braces casing with you

Doing so will make sure your clear braces will always have a home to rest in whenever you need to take them out (like at meal-times).


Once you’re in the habit of bringing your casing with you everywhere you go, you’ll never have to hunt around for somewhere to place them.

Tip #2: Always put your invisible braces into their case

Make it a habit to put your invisible braces in your case so you always know where to find them.


Some people put their aligners on their trays or on the table next to their food while eating and forget about them on the way out!


If the dining staff throw your aligners away, there’s almost no way to get them back. Even if they’re nice enough to help you dig in the trash, it’s usually too difficult to find your invisible braces amongst the piles of tissue paper and food debris.


Because they’re you know… invisible.

Tip #3: Don’t wrap your invisible braces in tissue paper

Maybe you can’t stand the thought of placing your invisible braces on the table or tray and then have to put it back in your mouth later.


Or you forgot to bring your invisible braces case with you when you went out for lunch.


You wrap your invisible braces carefully with tissue paper so they don’t get dirty and place it on the table before you eat.


When you’re done eating, you might think that that pile of tissue is rubbish you can throw away. Before you know it, you’ve thrown away your precious invisible braces.


Try to remember to bring out your case with you, but if you do forget it, wrap your invisible braces with something you won’t forget such as a handkerchief. 

Tip #4: Avoid putting your invisible braces in your pocket

It’s common to forget things in your pockets and throw them into the wash.


And one of those things happens to be your aligners.


You may think…


“That doesn’t sound so bad…it gets a free wash so it should get cleaner right?​”




Did you know this can 

  • Break your aligners OR 
  • Deform them so their shape is completely lost?


You might still have the invisible braces, but now their functionality is completely gone. 


That’s why you should never put your invisible braces in your pocket!


Stick to tip #1 and always put them in your braces casing.

What if I lose my invisible braces?

Contact Zenyum customer care via the Zenyum app immediately and ask for advice. 


Zenyum’s app allows you to reach us quickly to find out what you should do. 


If you’ve recently moved to your current set, your dentist may ask you to wear your previous set of invisible braces temporarily until you get a new one. 


Don’t put off contacting Zenyum customer care.

Why Zenyum?

Zenyum supports you through the ups and downs of your journey to a beautiful smile. It’s easy with the Zenyum app!

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4 Tips Not To Lose Your Invisible Braces